Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All quiet on the blogging front

We mainly like sleeping on each other. 

I may have mentioned that there is preciously little blogging going on at the moment.  Quite a bit of that has had to do with working all the hours that God sends at the moment. I will be very happy when by mid May when this rush of stuff is over.  In other news, we are looking after some foster kittens again for the DSPCA. Now we have a rule that we never take fewer than three kittens, mainly because we're well aware that five cats is just too many. At least if we have three, we know we have to give them back. 

Now as it happened when I explained this to the new girl at the DSPCA, her ears pricked up and she said "So you'd be happy to take more than three?"  

Running, jumping, climbing humans - the days are just packed!

And that ladies and germs is how we ended up with six foster kittens - they are

Hillary - who likes climbing things. 
Myrtle - who moans and cries all the time. 
Louis - (short for Richelieu) because he has a black spot on his chin. 
Louis is their leader. 
Mary - who cleans things mercilessly. 
This is definitely not a reference to my mother in law. 
Spike - because his fur will just not stay down. 
Monty - short for "The Comte de Monte Kitten", so named because 
we couldn't come up with a name for him after the first few days. 

But also sleeping. 

...and occasionally washing. 

We will only have these chaps for five weeks, but they're already proving a hit. They are also much cleaner than the previous crew. 


But lest you think that there will be no wargaming at all in this blog, I present you with a picture from our Kursk campaign on Sunday. My semi-finished Stuka taking the fight to some Soviet lend lease armour in the final game.  This was a great success and went well.  This was one of the first times we've used the air rules in an Overlord game and they made for some interesting play. I was very happy with it, but that's for another post. 


  1. Lovely kittens CK, but I don't know how you part with them ;-) Excellent thing that you do there, fostering.

    We are dangerously close to the 'five cat max' with four!


    1. It's always a bit of a wrench - giving them back, but fostering is definitely it's own reward. I can hear them scampering around as I type this.

  2. Aaaaawwww! Aren't the ickle puddy-tats cuuuute! :-)

    How are you going to have the heart to give them back?

    1. Because old son, I have the cold dead eyes of a killer and a heart that is coal.

  3. Hi Conrad,

    Kittens...Kursk...what could be better? Looks like you were having fun on fronts! Are you playing the Kursk game in 1:72 scale? Am I correct in assuming that each base represents a battalion?
    Enjoy the last day of April.
    The Celtic Curmudgeon

    "Grumpy is good."

    1. What could be better indeed Jerry?

      We had a good one certainly. Memoir '44s troop scale is deliberately abstract, but you're probably close enough.

  4. Thats a fair handful of kittens you have there

  5. Capability SavageApril 30, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    Great final pic. Really interesting perspective on the game. Edge to edge war with no intruding chairs/pints/etc. Would make a great cover.

    You should consider playing with the depth of field for some of these shots in future. Keep up the excellent output.

  6. Kitties! Love them, although six would be a bit much here at Stollen Central where our two two-year-old rescued cats still keep us on our toes. Still, yours look like fun.

    Best Regards,


    1. They are excellent. Glad to hear your lot are keeping you occupied.

  7. Kursk and Kittens. Bonus points for working them both into the same post. If Mdm. Padre and I were closer, we would drop by for a visit to be sure.

  8. Nice pile of kittens!
    Felines and games - sure to draw views, eh? ha ha

  9. Trust Flashy behaving himself with the youngsters, brilliant pic of the game, wish i could have made it, hopefully will be there for next one, at moment refighting Marston Moor, 18 x 6 table in mate's garage, a few 1000s figures, and my Parliment forces getting battered

    cheers Old John

  10. A bit late in the day, this comment, but that Kursk pic looks interesting. Cute kittens - but recall that kittens grow into creatures that will make your killer eyes look a warm as tube of tabacco by the fireside (damn - shouldn't have said that: I quit smoking 11 years ago last month, and still miss it!); and your coal black adamantine heart seem as though it were the melting sweetness of a Black Forest gateau.

    It's a good thing cats don't have opposing thumbs. that's all I can say. They'd be out buying chainsaws this minute.

  11. ... have to admit, though: those kitty pics are pretty strong on the 'Awww' factor.