Saturday, May 17, 2014

Catching up

First of all, thank you to all of you who took the time to send best wishes to Mrs. Kinch.  She is on the mend and should be back in action within the week.  I've mainly been running around after her (though to be fair that mainly consists of running around her at present) for the last few days, though it must be said she is bearing this extremely frustrating illness with her usual stoicism. 

In the meantime, as I have a game at the end of the month, I have gotten motoring on my Harriers. These are Airfix GR 3 kits, two of the old tooling and two of new.  I seem to be doing a lot of work on planes at the moment.   There's something nice about painting them, the instructions are always pretty simple, multiple coats of paint are required and there are a lot of flat surfaces.  They are a lot less nerve wracking than painting the human form. It's like painting a wall - it's quite restful. 

These fellows are still with us and you see them here in an uncharacteristically relaxed pose.  They are getting big and bold and thunder around the room like a herd of elephants.  Trying to teach them not to use claws is an ongoing project and not a battle I'm entirely sure we're winning. 

Traditions are important.  

Mrs. Kinch wasn't able to attend to this particular tradition this year, so I took up the task. For some explanation as to what the hell I was doing in the Pheonix Park last Monday, you will have to take a look at a previous Joy & Forgetfulness post. 

Have a good weekend. 


  1. Great to see Mrs Kinch is on the mend and the family crisis (on the way to being) resolved. These sorts of things are never easy to live through.

    Reading the linked post, I am reminded of how much variety there was in the subject matter of his writing. 'Treasure Island' is of course just about one's first acquaintance with Stevenson - unless it's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - but possibly my two other favorites are 'Master of Ballantrae' and, in collaboration with his stepson, Lloyd Osbourne, 'The Wrong Box.' I have an idea that the New Zealand movie 'Came a Hot Friday' was based on that novel.

    1. Thank you AP. We've a lot to be grateful for. Stephenson is always full of good things.

  2. Just spotting the news about Mrs. Kinch now. Glad to hear it's nothing serious.

    On the subject of Harriers Mark's had in the NATO Ground Crew kit with those NBC gear fellows carrying SLRs. Since that was all I wanted from it, can I interest you in some technician types or are your rear echelons fully staffed?

  3. Glad to read that she's on the mend. Always does well to look after the wife as they do so much for us.

  4. Tapping them gently on the nose seems to work. The kittens, that is: Not the Harriers and certainly not Mrs Kinch.

    Kind regards.