Monday, May 19, 2014

Modified Overlord Rules

A Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles, 
inland from Queen Red, Sword Beach, Normandy 1944. 
(image nicked from 

As I mentioned over on Bob Cordery's blog the other day, we play Memoir '44 Overlord often and greatly enjoy it. However, after ten years of play, we have taken to using a slightly modified version of the rules that we think works a bit better than the Overlord rules as written.  They certainly suit our group better. The tweaks are small, but significant. 

Capability Savage on his holidays

Capability Savage ran us up a playsheet while he was in Parkhurst for Sodomy, Fraud, Impersonating a Clergyman of the Church of England and Misprision of a Felony, though I'm told it was reduced on appeal to Community Service and a Ten Shilling fine. 


I hope you find this useful.  We've found this playsheet invaluable for keeping new players onboard. Most can abandon it after a game or two, but it certainly helps at conventions.


  1. Young sir - I don't think that pdf's work in Blogger - could you please put a jpeg version instead? - I'm keen to see what you've got (as I imagine are a good many other spotty freaks).

    Cheers - MSF

  2. Hmm...I just tried clicking on the download link (overlordplaysheet.pdf) and it seemed to download fine. I will try it from a different device presently.

  3. The download link seems fine, but the image being displayed here on the blog itself is heavily truncated. Shoddy workmanship there, Kinch.