Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Basing & Flocking

There's some big news coming for the Kinchs, but I'm hoping to get at least one proper game in before it happens. With that in mind I'm scraping troops together to see if I can do the two Overlord style Borodino scenarios available on CCNapoleonics.net. 

With that in mind I've been basing a flocking like crazy, going through all my boxes and going through all the stragglers. I'm cautiously optimistic that I might be able to pull Borodino off. 

My basing method is pretty simple, a spot of Constables snow over a brown base, a few drops of PVA and then a dunking in some Army Painter static grass and Robert is your mothers brother. En avant! 


  1. That opening sentence has us all very curious here in Canada.
    Flock on!

  2. as coming over for Borodino fight can bring any troops that you might need, just let me know

    Big News for Kinchs??? awaiting with bated breath

    cheers Old John