Thursday, August 28, 2014

Over egging the pudding

(image liberated from somewhere or other) 

Reading back on the opening comment of my last post - I have come to the conclusion that I am not very bright and the construction that was put on it by some readers was entirely natural. Sadly, Mrs. Kinch is not in the family way.  The news of which I wrote was that in what is likely to be a triumph of hope over experience I am going back to school to study law.

Sleeping Schoolboy by JB Greuze

This is going to be a big change as fitting 2-3 hours of lectures around 10 hour shifts at work is going to be challenge, but I'm looking forward to it.  I'll be studying for a legal diploma which will take two years part time. It will take rather a chunk out of my gaming time unfortunately and will make serious demands on both myself and Mrs. Kinch. I tend to vary between thinking that this is going to be a fun and challenging thing and thinking I've made a terrible mistake. 

This new interest is not a herald of any change of career or anything like it - I just like the idea of being better at what I'm doing now.  


  1. Well good luck with all that! And do you know - the other 'interpretation' of your earlier remark never even crossed my mind!

  2. Good luck to you in your educational endeavor!

  3. All the very best with your new venture Conrad!

  4. Ah, I too had surmised that your bride was in the family way . . . but studying Law?

    Hmmm, remember what Shakespeare said . . . "first, kill all the lawyers" . . . so you'd best be careful, sir.

    -- Jeff

  5. Sounds a tough challenge though I expect you to rise to it

    Good Luck

  6. Studying the law? I've just discovered "The Sweeny" in my local library thanks to your recommendation, and I can't imagine John Thaw's Regan bothering to study the law. But maybe policing has progressed since then?
    All the best. I am sure you'll find it rewarding, if exhausting.

  7. I read Law, imagining I would enter the legal profession, but discovered it was not for me, and have always regretted not reading History instead.

    I think it was the cynical indifference to the fates of the ordinary people actually affected by the 'skill' of the expensive advocates - my tutor regarded discredting a witness who worked in a club by constantly referring to him as a 'bar steward' (geddit?) as appropriate, nay laudable, behaviour - that made me reconsider my career choices. I have never regretted becoming a teacher instead.

    I hope it works better for you!

  8. Good luck Conrad, hope all goes well.

    From some other vague references, I have previously suspected we may be in the same line of work, which this would appear to confirm. Or possibly I might not be quite as good at my job as I like to think, and be totally wrong...