Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Borodino Roll Call

"It's 106 miles to the Berezina, we got half a battalion of grenadiers, a dead horse and the woods are full of cossacks."

"Hit it."

I'm terribly sorry. I'm not entirely sure what came over me there. 

A detail from the Borodino panorama 

With the prospect of heading back to school coming ever closer, I have been applying my great mind to getting a proper game in before I dissappear into a death march of school work and work work. With that in mind, I've settled on Borodino as a suitably epic game to keep me occupied. It has meant that I've been frantically basing my Russian troops in order to have everything ready.  OldJohn has also very generous offered to bring some reinforcements if they are needed. 

As with all wargaming projects this starts with a list. There are two Overlord style scenarios on for the Russian campaign, both for Borodino.  Two Overlord scenarios is plenty for a days gaming. 

I compiled a spread sheet listing the troops required and there appear to be a few problems.  I will be able to cover the Russian light cavalry requirements by shifting the Hussars of Conflans into Russian service for the day, but I will need a unit of Russian Guard Heavy Cavalry. I have sufficient line infantry for the Russians, but I am short three units of light infantry and two units of Guard Light infantry. I am short one unit of Russian horse artillery, though truth be told I've simply been substituting a unit of foot artillery and adding a mounted figure as no one seems to make Russian horse artillery. 

Not entirely sure how I will square this particular circle, but we'll make it happen. 

Light Infantry549347527358
Line Infantry459651197166915
Guard Light Infantry2211
Young Guard
Guard Grenadiers11
Old Guard22
Light Cavalry235325134
Heavy Cavalry221111213
Guard Heavy Cavalry11
Foot Artillery213246123235
Horse Artillery1111
Guard Foot Artillery1111


  1. I wish you luck with your Borodino game (I'm still twitching at the memory of trying to cross the Schevardino), and also with your approaching school work/work work combination lifestyle.

    Remember, all work and no play makes Kinch a dull boy!

    1. I shall do my best. We shall see. I shall have to keep Mrs. Kinch happy too of course.

  2. Very best of luck for your forthcoming studies CK.

    The two Borodino 'Overlord' style scenarios look great and will look very impressive once all of those troops are deployed. I look forward to reading the subsequent write up and seeing the pictures.