Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mustering the Russians

That general needs work. 

With only a week to go to the Borodino game - I've been feverishly trying to make sure that I have all the bases covered with the Russian army.  Some kind friends will be bringing reinforcements and a Savage is helping me with new units labels for everything and some flags. 

Busy, busy, busy. 


  1. "All the bases covered" - I see what you did thee ;)


  2. Dear Conrad,
    here's to much success with your Borodino game. The fact is that the participants will never know the effort put into making this a go.
    One other semi-related thing - your article on dealing with folks new to the hobby - or even a game system - in the magazine was excellent. Every aspiring GM should read it!

    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

    1. Thank you very much Jerry. I think the boys appreciate the work that goes into them. They went off very well.

      I was quite happy with that piece. It was the fruits of several years teaching people how to play games.