Friday, November 28, 2014

The votes are in

Well the votes are in...

...and it looks like Tomo takes the palm. 

Tomo, could you leave a comment (which I won't publish) with your email address, please? I'll get in touch with you to arrange your prize. 

Doesn't he look fine?
(click to embiggen)

In a vague attempt to drag this back to something related to wargaming, this is a picture of a rather excellent French Guardsman.  This chap is currently in Hungary having been painted by a pal of Krisztians. He will be making his way to me before too long. He looks fantastic, just the right amount of swagger - I would recommend clicking on the picture to have a closer look.  The figure itself is a 1/16 scale kit from Miniart. 

If looks could kill...

After I handed in my last assignment a couple of weeks ago, I managed to sneak away for a convivial one with General Du Gourmand and Unlikely McKenzie. We were about to leave when Du Gourmand strayed us with a round of port.  The chap that delivered them to the table said that it was the first time that he'd ever been asked for that particular potable, except one lady who would order it with a blue Wicked and then mix the two. 

The offending article

Du Gourmand as he is a vile Bonapartist decided that this was too good not to try and promptly did so. McKenzie and I were very much of the opinion that this is not the done thing, which is what prompted the photo above. 

Rest assured we formed hollow square and had Du Gourmand flogged before the regiment. 

And after that distressing thought, I shall leave you with an image 
of the Judges taking a well deserved rest.


  1. 2 in blue, 1 in pink. Pink wins. Hmmm...

  2. Congratulations to Tomo for the tastiest entry!

  3. Congratulations, Tomo; and my thanks to the judges for whom the selection from such obviously closely matched contestants must have been taxing indeed...

    Looking at the caption on the third picture and reading the posting, are you sure you mean 'looks'. Werll, yeah, daggers, but ... vodka and port?? I understand that Cardinal Richelieu kept a vial of that or something similar under the jewel upon the ring on his third right-hand finger...

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  5. Port+ WKD= Heresy.



  6. PORT!!!! for God's sake, is Du Gourmand on the turn?? following our recent whisky sampling sessions this has come a total shock to the system, flogging is too good for the miscreant, take him out and have him shot!!!! my dear mem-sahib has had to administer several large doses of the water of life to help me recover from seeing the damn bounder holding that abysmal concoction
    Maj-Gen Jameson aka Crested Ten (liver soaked in Southern Comfort et al

  7. So, the concoction is for those circumstances when one's fortified wine isn't sufficiently fortified?


  8. thanks to the judges as they rock themselves gently to sleep on their distended bellies... PS. Grenadier is lovely, port and WKD is not...

  9. General Du Gourmand is a braver man than I. Having had each item separately I have no intention of ever mixing the two.

  10. A most handsome prize. A most vile drink.

  11. 'By the pricking of my thumbs, something WKD this way comes...'