Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crimean Reinforcements

1ieme Battalion Zouaves

I took delivery of some reinforcements from Mark for the Crimea today. Proper photographs of his handiwork will have to follow, but for the time being some snaps from my phone will have to do. These are the first battalion Zoauves, who cut up rough at the Alma if memory serves.  Mark did some of them with green turbans, which shows up in some of the visual reference. We were having a chat about it and Mark reckons it might be a 19th century fashion statement, though apparently the green turban is the privilege of the Haji. 

4ieme Chasseurs a Pied

The Chasseurs are a little more sedately dressed than our North African friends, but still have that light infantry dash about them. They look rather well don't you think? Hopefully we shall see them storming the Alma before too long. 

Kuban Foot Cossacks

I really rather liked the flag with these fellas. These are a particularly piratical bunch and as a result of some of the poses, a somewhat smaller unit that I usually field. I used the old Gilder trick of using larger bases. The gentlemen on the right with knife for example is taking up the space usually reserved for two other ranks. 

Ingermanland Hussars

These I believe are the poor fellows who ended up facing up the Argylls at Balaklava.  They look rather dressy and I think they might end up on temporary transfer to my Napoleonic forces. 

A thin streak of red...

I have a unit or two of the Argylls, so they may be coming to grief sooner rather than later. 

No. 60 Don Cossacks

These are Strelets Don Cossacks, nice figures and quite robust. Again, suitable for Napoleonics as well as the Crimea. To be honest, the amount of overlap between the two periods is substantial. 

Kuban Foot Cossacks

These chaps will be doing duty as Russian light infantry in Napoleonics and in the Crimea. They could probably be found running around the 20th century if one was so minded, but I think we might steer clear of the grubby petrol age for a little while longer.  

Kuban Foot Cossacks

Another unit of Cossacks. These fellas give me the final light unit required for Borodino and some of the other large Russian scenarios.  Actually depending on how you want to rate 'em, they could pass for either light infantry or militia.  

On the whole, the Crimean project is looking rather healthier for this injection of manpower. 


  1. That is quite an injection of manpower into your Crimean project. Who manufactures these guys and are they all plastic?

  2. Great looking reinforcements, beautiful Kuban cossacks

  3. A great job there - nice to see Crimean War figures!

  4. 'The Thin Red Line.'
    'Well I suppose that they didn't get much to eat.'

  5. Your cossacks look suitably piratical. A substantial draft of figures.