Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For Sale: Prince August 25mm Fantasy Moulds

I have come into some 25mm Prince August Fantasy Moulds and if I hang on to them, I will be tempted to do something with them. That way madness lies, so I'm hoping to sell them. 

I have the following moulds. 

(there is an extra mould on the table, it's one half of a catapult mould, the other half is missing, I'll throw it in if anyone buys the lot) 

 These retail for about nine pounds each. I'm looking for four pounds per mould or I'll sell the lot of twenty pounds. Buyer pays shipping at cost and Paypal (as gift) preferred. 

Email me at Conradkinch AT gmail DOT com. 

Picture from the Prince August website of PA683: 25mm Scale 3x Dwarves Moulds #2

Picture from the Prince August website of PA677: 25mm Scale 3x Orcs Moulds


  1. You could keep them, and melt down the lead figures you'll never paint anyway, and have some great fantasy games....

  2. I'm not interested in the moulds themselves, but can't help wondering why the potato peeler is there?

  3. Nothing, I hope, to do with wet celery and a flying helmet?

    1. Now that you mention it - we did use dry celery once.