Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marshes & Hedgerows

The sticky bit

The cat litter has been added to the marsh hexes and the latest step is to daub a goodly quantity of PVA over the litter in order to fix it in place.  This picture was taken about two hours after I added the PVA, so really lash it on.  This fixes the little rocks and so forth in place. 

I'm not absolutely certain about the next step, probably a quick spray of Armour Painter brown and a highlight. We shall see. I may try one test spray first. 

How's my topiary? 

With the marshes well on the way, it was time to get started on the hedgerows. These are my trusty MDF hexes again. I then roughly cut a  small piece of upholstery foam, added a notch in the middle and hot glued it to the hex. I will probably use a soldering iron to shape the foam, add some filler for texture to the hex and then hot glue some clump foliage to the foam.   If I'm feeling particularly adventurous, I may add a tree armature. We shall see.

Though as quick and dirty terrain goes, we're not doing too badly.  These, both the marshes and hedgerows, were done in two forty minute stints while getting myself together after work. 

The offending article

The library on the top floor is now mostly finished. It still needs a radiator and carpet and other things, but the book shelves are up and that's the main thing.  It occured to me while shelving that there are poor souls out there who cannot organise their shelves by conflict. 

How do they live? If it can be called living? 

At the ripe old age of thirty five, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that all change, no matter how small, is for the worse. Also those smallest changes are the worst. 

While I was shelving, I noticed some gaps, books that I've either lost, loaned or given away.  I have decided to slowly, but surely fill out these gaps. So I whipped out my phone and ordered three of the Flashman's I was missing. They arrived yesterday. 

And they've changed the bloody spine by God.  Hanging is too good for them!  It remains to be seen whether these wrecks of books remain readable after this appalling mutilation. 


  1. Me culpa and all that but I have to confess Flashman leaves me entirely unmoved....

    1. A blot on your otherwise stainless escutcheon Steve.

      As it happens, I have no idea why one might not like a series of novels by a dastardly, cowardly, venal, thieving, murderous rapist - but tastes differ.

  2. I must admit I prefer the original covers to the Flashman books (by Barbossa ?) , Tony

    1. You see Tony - that's because you're not keeping up with these fast moving modern times.

  3. That's a killer about the covers. I was missing a couple of Flashman when the most incredible thing happened !One of the local charity shops had the missing volumes but they also had the full set,all in the new covers. For the princely sum of £3 all were mine,of course my old copies were speedily donated.

  4. Oh, I could rant and rave about changing book covers. The worst, the absolute worst, is when they change the size of the book... I'm getting all hypertensive just thinking about it.

    Crikey, I'd better finish off my Flashman collection before I get rogered too.