Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Edward French

Lost Hearts by MR James

As I mentioned before reading or this year listening to the ghost stories of MR James is something of a Christmas tradition of mine, while I was doing so I came across this chap, Mr. Edward French of Boston, Massachussets.  Mr. French is a film make up artist by trade and by all accounts a very good one(1). However, he also has a liking for audiobooks and story telling and has taken it upon himself to read some stories in the public domain and record them on YouTube. 

The Time Machine by HG Wells

Mr. French tastes run to dramatic reading with some incidental music and they are, in my opinion, very good indeed.  He is a fine reader and obviously takes care in the recording and production of his work.  The quality is as good as any professional I've come across and there's a fine selection of early horror and science fiction literature to choose from. 

Herbert West Re-Animator by HP Lovecraft

Every so often, the Internet throws up these little gems. So if you've an idle hour and enjoy quality audiobooks for the princely sum of nada, free, gratis and fer nuttin' you could do a lot worse than pay Mr. French a call. 

Happy listening. 

(1) Emmy winning and Oscar nominated in fact.