Monday, February 15, 2016

Popping smoke


Despite Mrs. Kinchs best efforts she has not managed to ban toy soldiers from the bedroom entirely.  I nodded off during dinner this evening - so Mrs Kinch declared an early night and very right she was too. 

Before I nodded off again, I did a job on two resin smoke plumes. These will be used as markers in Black Ops games. A coat of goblin green highlighted with pure yellow did the trick. 

Having reflected in it - I think making more Indian lancers would be an unnecessary diversion of effort.  Definitely no more of those. An unnecessary frippery that would only serve as a distraction to a serious minded fellow like myself. 


  1. That smoke plume would make a passable poplar tree.

    Nothing like a Charge of 54mm lancers across a wargame table......

  2. Hope you wake refreshed. I have ( and have had for years ) an uncanny/unhelpful trait of nodding off effectively almost anywhere except bed.

  3. Conrad Kinch,

    When can we expect to see some more Lancers then? By the end of next week, perhaps?

    All the best,


  4. Conrad,
    Men need unnecessary fripperies.Make a whole squadron of lancers, led by an Errol Flynn lookalike.

  5. Some of those law books that you are accumulating have been known to get pretty rowdy on the shelves! Besides...there is always the threat of M(isis). That "Lone Lancer" may need reinforcements!

  6. I thought that the Lancer looked great, sir. I think that he should have more friends around him.

    -- Jeff

  7. What? You need more Indian lancers! Think how great a unit of 24 will look on parade.