Thursday, March 10, 2016

Egyptian Lancers


Having clearly set out my stall for what I wanted to bang away at this year, I have quite naturally done none of those things and attacked another problem entirely. Mike Dippel, who did sterling work on the Command & Colours website and other projects, wrote some Colonial scenarios, including one on Kassassin.  I had intended to bang out some Second Afghan War stuff, but Egyptian blandishments lured me away. 

Now, I have most of what is required to play this scenario, but I was lacking a unit of Egyptian cavalry and a railway gun.  I shall probably extemporise something for the railway gun, using a flat bed and a spare gun model, but the Egyptian cavalry were more of a puzzlement. 

Britains Egyptian Cavalry. 

I don't mean Britains Egyptian cavalry, of course. 

I mean Egyptian Cavalry made in Britain, but for Egypt. 

But by Britains. 

And possibly by Britons. 

I hope this clarifies things. 

Egyptian Cavalry
(picture stolen from Ross

Du Gourmand and I played a colonial game recently and I just wanted to playtest a scenario.  As a result, rather than using the full panoply of figures (which I didn't have anyway), I just popped three cavalry figures down to mark a unit.  Having played through the game several times, we realised that it didn't look bad and perhaps it might be something we should experiment with.  At least until full 12 strong cavalry units and 19 strong infantry units become available.  

But where to get three Egyptian cavalry figures. 

The base figure, an Italeri Union bugler.

The Good Lord has bestowed upon me many blessings, a beautiful wife, an excellent cat, great friends and a job I loves. I am duly grateful.  

Ability as a sculptor is not among my talents. However, I had this chap lying fallow and it seemed silly not to try. 

Cut away the bugle and the front of the cap. 

Now, there is every possibility that this may be the last post on this blog. I have attempted conversions in the past with mixed success, but three figures is certainly a record. 

No doubt this will end in tears and Joy & Forgetfulness will be upside down and on fire by the time I finish.  We shall see. 

If that is the case, gentlemen, it has been an honour writing for you.


  1. Will there be plasticine and (the implausibly named) banana oil involved?? Inquiring minds await!

  2. I find the scalpel I use to be not up to the job (perhaps to cheap?)of trimming plastic figures - have thought of a single edged razor blade but the possibilities of self mutilation seem to great , Tony

    1. I use a craft knife and find it serves well enough if sufficiently sharp. Self mutilation is a bit of an occupational hazard.

  3. Good luck with the modelling, but Strelets Turkish cavalry could be used instead

    1. I had thought of them, but I had these to hand and decided to plough on.

  4. Its a gift to be able to make use of whats to hand. Just as well you didn't have spare pennant carrying outriders from Ialeri's artillery set or you'd have missed the chance to add wire/pin lances.

    Of course the classic starting point would have been Airfix US cavalry.

    Good luck.

    1. I hadn't thought of that Ross. I don't think I have any of that chap.

  5. What could possibly go wrong? Best of luck Sir.

  6. Somehow I feel confident that fleeting enthusiasm will carry you successfully through this daunting ordeal.

  7. Dear Conrad, cruel though it may sound I am pleased that I am not the only toy soldier buff with an Olympic capacity to catastrophize !

  8. Summon up the blood and go for it Kinch, young fella me lad! A coat of paint will cover a multitude of sins. Particularly, when the unit will be viewed from two or three feet away. If time and experience prove otherwise, then it's not like they are Staddens...

  9. You are absolutely right Martin. I have nothing to lose except three plastic figures and possibly that tips of my fingers.

  10. Bonus marks for using "fallow" in a sentence.