Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Eight years a blog giveaway (free 28mm terrain)

A Toast by August Hermann Knoop

It was brought home to me the other day that I've been at this blogging nonsense for a while now. When I checked I discovered that Joy & Forgetfulness has been operating since the 10th of February 2008, which is a quite a bit in anyone's language. There have been approximately 750 posts in that time and 5219 comments. 

I 've made some great friends via this blog, some of whom I have had the privilege of meeting face to face and others with whom it has been my pleasure to correspond.  On the whole, it's been great and long may it continue.  I will keep writing so long as you lot keep reading. Thank you very much for all your comments and for reading Joy & Forgetfulness. 

To celebrate, I was given this rather lovely piece of terrain made by Capability Savage. It's an Old West style water tower, but would be perfectly at home for Colonials, American Civil War, Sci-fi or anything else you can think of. 

Some video of the tower, shot by Savage himself. 

Savage has suggested that a reader of J&F might like this tower and so I will be offering it as the prize in my "Eight Years a Blog Giveaway". 

I will draw names from a hat on the 5th of April. 

To enter you have to be a follower of this blog and must post a comment on this post confirming that you are interested. 

If you would like to have your name entered a second time (i.e. if you would like two chances to win) include in your comment an explanation as to why you read Joy & Forgetfulness and what you would like to see in the future. 

The tower breaks down into four pieces and is rock solid.  The basic structure is made out of wood and plastic rod. 

Best of luck one and all. 


  1. Eight years! Well done for staying at it: that's a solid achievement.

  2. Please add me to the list. I think it is a great piece, and my old west town doesn't have one.

    I read Joy and Forgetfulness because it is very readable, and great pics. I'd love to see as many "how to" articles as you can provide.




    Best Regards,


  4. Congratulations on eight years of blogging! J&F always provides an interesting mix of topics and projects. As a J&F Regular, I never know quite what to expect when I drop by for a visit. Always entertaining as well as educational.

    You keep writing; I'll keep reading!

  5. Count me in. That water tower will go great in my NWF, Boer, or possibly even Sudan terrain. I've visited your blog many times over the years. Thank you for the fun and inspiration you've provided.

  6. A wonderful milestone Mr Kinch and one richly deserved! I never tire of reading your blog and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

    I'll give the prize draw a miss though as I rather fancy the trip to Aus could prove hairy for something this fragile.

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary, Tony

  8. Count me in for the draw please.
    I read your blog because it is like conversing with an old friend about many things of mutual interest and much,much more.
    I would like to see some imagineering in different periods.
    Best wishes

  9. Please let me express my most heartfelt congratualtions ofr such a long period of blogging. this is no mean feat really !
    I'd also like to thank you for the great support you show around on other people's blogs or in your other publications. It is greatly appreciated and I wish I dared comment as much as I read your blog (I often feel illegitimate for anything History related).
    I'm raising my glas for another 8 years (at least) of well written, witty and fun reports from your end good Sir.
    It is an absolute pleasure and honour sharing a bit of this journey with you.

  10. Congratulation! As you say, five years is quite a long stretch.

    I'd like a pop at the splendid watertower. I come here for inspiration and stay for your air of studied eccentricity.

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

  11. Congratulations Sir!

    No need to enter my name. My water tower needs have already been met.

  12. I'll give that a go....!! Yes please...

  13. ...and for my second entry - why do I read J&F? Seemples (as the irritating meerkat is want to say), good, erudite, entertaining, and slightly humorous content..

  14. Good afternoon Mr Kinch,

    Whilst not wishing to be entered for the prize draw I will offer the following observations. Firstly, many congratulations on reaching the 8 year milestone and may the next 8 be equally as much fun.

    I have enjoyed your posts and reading the assorted misadventures of your good self, Du Gourmand, Capability Savage, Harry Flashman and the good Mrs Kinch - not to mention the accounts of the odd dubious libation regularly consumed by these ne'er do wells (I am excluding the good Mrs Kinch from this).

    I like to think that your blog can best be described as adding a little tone to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl....:-)

    Many congratulations a once again and all the best,


  15. Interested - looks a great model. I follow your blog because of the diversity of posts which are usually interesting to read - please keep it up!

  16. Eight years! Now that is impressive, very many congratulations and by all means pop my name in the draw. Many thanks.

  17. Congratulations on the milestone! Wow, you can call youself a true veteran! Though your posts tend to explore a different path than what I use to do on my blog, I find your stuff always delightful. I'd love to see you back on HeroQuest or WWII, for example, but all your British in Afghanistan and the like gets my full attention.
    Once again, congratulations, blessings and a toast to the future!

  18. I follow Joy and Forgetfulness for the sex and violence. I have to say that I've been bitterly disappointed in one of these respects.

  19. I think 8 years of entertaining and informing us, the masses, is very commendable and worth celebrating. Initially I was going to politely refuse the kind give away as I had no use for a water tower but then I though of my train and those wide barren plains and thought why not take a chance at adding a bit of class to my tabletop?

    The questions are tricky though. Firstly I suppose it is because I applaud all those with the courage and intellect to think for themselves, improvise and experiment, especially if they are then willing to share.

    Secondly because J&F is also entertaining as often as not.

    Thirdly because it is a glimpse of a slightly different but still largely shared/related and familiar world (age and geographical/social factors as well as individual). (I don't get out much these days...)

    What do I want to see? A mix of the familiar with that sense that one never quite knows what the next might post might be about.

    Thanks and keep at'er.

  20. As I've said before, J&F offers a safe haven from reality. As to the future - more 54mm figures please, especially as I own evidence that you can paint rather well in that scale.