Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arthur & Gordon

Arthur (left) and Gordon (right) locked in mortal combat

I'm looking forward to impending fatherhood, but its certainly been a demanding task master.  Mrs Kinch has had a hard time of it, both physically and mentally. Multiple hospital stays have taxed us both, but as we get closer to D-Day things are looking hopeful.  CODENAME ARTHUR & GORDON are hale and hearty, are possessed of the appropriate number of fingers and toes and will be appearing relatively shortly. Albeit not quite as shortly as Mrs Kinch would wish. 

We don't actually know whether they are boys or girls yet and settled on Arthur and Gordon because Twin 1 and Twin 2 just didn't sound right.  

We were at a dinner party and I was asked if we'd given any thought to girls names.  This put me on the spot, as I didn't want to be rude, but it's a matter where we've been playing our cards very close to our chests. So, I said that while "Stephen Sondheim Sir Arthur Wellesley Gordon of Khartoum Kinch" was not a family name, it was certainly traditional and we liked it. 

Somehow Arthur and Gordon stuck.  

As for whether they are boys or girls, my money is on one or the other. I'm hoping for one of each, but that's mainly because I'm terribly indecisive. 

(artists impression, taken from life) 

I've had to cut back on my writing (blog and otherwise) of late, not least because we've been in and out of hospitals, but also because I sustained a head injury in work just over a month ago.  It's made things a bit more difficult, as it is harder to focus and concentrate on tasks. The headaches are definitely getting better. I will never, ever complain about another hangover so long as I live, but I'll be moving a little bit more slowly than usual. Recovery is taking rather longer than we'd hoped.   I'm finding it more difficult to marshal my mental resources and having to ration my attention accordingly. 

That I'm afraid, is why I haven't written up our Barbarossa campaign report or several of the other things that readers very kindly written and inquired about.  I will get to them in time. I have also taken the opportunity to dress up a few old pieces that I had written, but hadn't finished over the years. 

Rest assured J&F will continue chugging along, just at a slightly more leisurely pace than usual. 


  1. Feel better, and rest while you can. Fatherhood is a fine, fine thing.

  2. Sounds like it's been a bit of a bumpy ride for you both. Hoping there are no further complications as D-day approaches!

  3. Good to hear that the baby news moves forward in a positive way and that you are having fun with names, it's just a case of deciding what colour to paint the wargames room .... I mean nursery :-)

    Hope you continue to improve re the head injury. I think these days, because hospitals discharge so quickly and work is demanding and there is a 'no sick' culture at work, we have got ourselves into a thought process that recovery is a quick thing - but full recouperation is as slow as it has ever been and the whole process of taking time to get better properly is time well spent.

    I was once told that the outward and sensational problems of a sprained ankle can resolve in a fortnight, but that the true deep down healing in the tissue took around 3 months.

  4. Fabulous news that the twins are all well and all is progressing as it should.

  5. Hope your feeling better soon and my best wishes for you impending parenthood, Tony

  6. Thank you for sharing that lovely post. Be as well as you can and enjoy your future.
    Herself and I had four children and now have three grandchildren as well. All were here last Sunday with husbands and wives for a family photograph, and the noise level reached 90 decibels (as measured by a son in law from a small quiet family). It was lovely when they went home :0)

  7. Well Conrad,
    I must have missed your news re the new additions, so a very belated congratulations and I hope everything goes really well.On a positive note it will keep you indoors instead of drinking etc.
    As for head injuries, well perhaps it will knock some sense into you,and never go in leading with your head. Having held the record [11] for road collisions these knocks tend to catch one out later in life unless you take care of yourself, so take the advice from an old fart, less haste more speed.

  8. In my prayers and thoughts,all of you.
    p.s I thought you might go Donald (Featherston) and Peter (Young) as names...

  9. The very very best of luck for the day (when it arrives)... like you I didn't particularly care what make they were either... just "healthy" was good enough.. :o)

  10. Conrad Kinch,

    Please pass on our best wishes to Mrs Kinch, and hope that everything goes well with the birth of 'Arthur' and 'Gordon'.

    All the best,


  11. May all go better and better. You'll have to keep the initials at least, Artimis and Guenivere? Hmm maybe not, not had much experience with human puppies myself.

  12. Hope everything goes well. All the best to you, Mrs. Kinch, Arthur and Gordon (I guess that 'Joy and 'Forgetfulness' is pressing too much the names issue :D)

  13. Been there, seen that, done all the parenty things quite some time ago so have forgotten most of it.

    Currently going through the grand-parenty thing which is similar but different and highly rewarding.

    Best wishes to all of you concerned, the first twenty years are fun and then it gets better.

  14. Pre-emptive congratulations! That's lovely news. I'm glad to hear your head's getting better, too.

  15. You know, perhaps we just haven't spent enough time together, but I wouldn't have guessed "head injury" last I saw you, so at least you can pass it off as "impending parenthood" with panache.

  16. I hope that Mrs. Kinch is not in discomfort from all the dice rolling going on within.

  17. What's this Private Kinch? Not wearing your trusty pith helmet when on duty no doubt.
    Hope the head heals! And enjoy every moment of this magical time for you and Mrs K.

    1. A lamentable lapse for which I only have myself to blame.

  18. All the best to you all from the Airhead family.

    Best regards


  19. Very best wishes to you both. Just relax and take things easy - it'll pass in a blur, but as everyone above has said - it really is a magical time.

  20. Thank you very much Sidney. I hope we will be able to savour it.