Friday, June 30, 2017

Turkish Command

The Pasha taking his ease, accompanied by pipe bearers

The most recent additions to the Conrad Kinch Red Fez repertory company are these Strelets Crimean Turks which were painted for me by the ever talented Tamas.  These fellows will be doing duty in my Turkish Crimean army and my 1880 Egyptian army. 

The view from the rear

One of the joys of Strelets sets is the additional "character" figures that you get mixed in with the more usual stuff.  I think they really add something to a table layout and make it look a bit more alive. 

I really like the depth of colour Tamas has managed to 
get on the frogging and epaulets. 

Recent CCTV footage from Kinch Court

In other news, in a previous post I wrote that my physiotherapist was asking me to twerk as part of my therapy.  Physio is going well and I am improving.  It's always a slow process and I am very lucky to be seeing a doctor who has managed to bring on such improvement.  

So I was lying when I wrote that he asked me to twerk.  Or to put it more correctly, I was joking and exaggerating for comic effect.  The exchange I described in my blog was accurate, right up until that point. Twerking has no therapeutic purpose in dealing with balance injuries and I do not include it in my daily exercises. 

I do it mainly for fun, the many health benefits and of course, to set a good example for the children.  

The local Imam giving it socks

The last figure that Tamas did is this fella, an Imam who will be seeing service in the Crimea, Egypt and possible Afghanistan before too long.  He's the first non-Christian clergyman I've added to my collection of miniature clerics.  

I wonder who will be next?


  1. The Turks look splendid! The yellow and white really pops against the dark blue uniform.

    Twerking as PT? "Really, dear, Doctor's orders!"

  2. Your man has made a good job of those Turks ! , Tony

  3. Great little fellows: full of character.

  4. Nice personality figures, I think I'll have to get some for my Egyptians (Ottomans) in the Sudan

  5. Superbly painted figures and as you say ideal for Crimea and later periods, great additions to your armies, wonder if Tamas could paint for me too??
    "Twerking" think you have this down to a fine art, the film kind of reminds me of a certain incident at Gaelcon a few years ago
    cheers Old John

    1. I'm mostly occupied, and I want to eventually stop doing commissions as I'm slowly but surely getting out of my "poor college kid" phase to enter "busy working man" phase.

      But depending on what you have, and what minis can you offer in exchange, feel free to drop me an email at ;)

  6. Splendid minis, splendid colors, splendid job sir!

  7. Those are really splendid Turks!

  8. Twerking, LOL.....

    Awesome Turks, could also be used for the Anglo Egyptian 1882 campaign.

    Little Mr. Kinch is growing nicely. So sorry to hear about your health issues.