Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A little something from Dave Lycett

I was sent these pictures by friend of the blog, Dave Lycett, recently and very fine they are too.

They are from Spencer Smiths Shiny Toy Soldiers line. He is painting them up for the First Schleswig-Holstein War as part of a larger project.

Some Jaeger with what look like Danish Guard behind. 


A very creditable force. 
(Those buildings look rather tasty too - don't they?)


  1. Very tasty and a kind gift. I like the big presence, but small footprint of the buildings.

  2. Been looking at this range of figures with envy

  3. These are wonderful. I have tried and failed to paint large figures in the toy soldier style, but cant get the 'look.'

  4. The figures are wonderful, but that tall tower on the left in the last picture looks inherently unstable to me. I wouldn't like to be billeted in that in a high wind!

  5. The buildings look like David Graffam paper models. They are nice. Cheap, take a little time to build, but not hard.