Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Basing some Austrian Infantry

I have found that there is a little known law of physics, related to Boyles Law, which holds that babies expand to fill any and all available time.  However, I have been able to hack out an hour or two and get some hobby stuff done.  At the moment, I'm basing Austrian infantry. I've knocked out a couple of units and I have a few more to do.

Imperial Guard Horse Artillery

Adding these guys, painted by the talented Mr. Tamás Lehoczky, should finish off the French collection.  I try to add an odd unit here or there, but there isn't much left to do for them.  Tamas did a lovely neat job on these fellas, I should have taken better shots of them. 

But can a French army truly be considered complete unless it has any Poles?

The Amazing Spider Baby

In other news, Arthur Kinch has developed some interesting new skills.  

When I left he was in the cot. 

When I came back, he had escaped, made his way to the cupboard, defeated a child lock, extracted a plastic box of clothes, emptied it all over the floor and then used it as a step to try and get back into the cot.   

He is doing his mothers blood pressure no good. 


  1. You might need something more solid than a pillow in the fireplace, or he'll be away up the chimmney next!

    Regards, Chris.

  2. Impressive acrobatics, but I know the feeling. Young children too have a way of somehow filling any anticipated free adult me time. Cheap whisky helps. Lots of cheap whisky. The cheaper, the better. And handfuls of pills. My money is on the downers. Ahhhhh. That's better. Uncle Sandman is just about here. Nighty-night.

    Best Regards,


  3. Smart kid with good problem solving skills!


  4. This is why puppy pens have a lid. Is the use of handcuffs to secure the offender to the bars allowed for his own safety?

  5. An enterprising chap , shows initiative !

  6. Now that is a wonderfully simple, but incredibly clever solution for recycling static grass - now to be employed here at 'Awdry Towers', thank you. As for Arthur, my word that lad shows initiative, best of luck. :)

  7. G'Day Dad,

    Arthur is a true blessing! every time he does something that streses you out simply offer the event up for the souls in purgatory. If he is like most infants you'll have the place cleared out in no time!

  8. You are doing well to find any time with a young fella around. All the best; with both!