Thursday, April 19, 2018

Screw you Flanders!

This made me laugh rather more than it should. 

General Creaner and I played a game of Command & Colours The Great War recently.  General Creaner is something of an enthusiast for the period and the system.  


General Creaner is running a Great War games day in the near future and wanted to finish the day off with a large scale multi-player game.  Now as it happens the powers that be haven't released a multi-player version of the Great War yet, but we decided to cobble together something.  General Creaner picked Cambrai as the scenario that seemed most open to adaptation. 

The clanking rattling monsters roll forward

Something the Great War gets absolutely right in my opinion is how absolutely brutal tanks can be.  They are slow and can easily fall foul of terrain, but they soak up a great deal of fire. I was only able to knock out one in the course of the game.  They aren't game winning, but you can't afford to ignore them.

The British first wave hits my line

Some very successful British artillery smashed my front line on the right and I had to fall back.  

Things were looking a bit healthier on the left, but those tanks were getting awfully close. 

The tanks finally crash through the German line

It was at this point that the wheels really came off the wagon.  With Tommy's swarming over my front line and tanks shrugging off everything I could throw at them, I resorted to desperate measures calling in artillery on my own position in the hope of blasting the chaps all around me.  It worked (sort off) and I managed to hold General Creaner to a 16-13 score line, but I was eventually overwhelmed. 

Observations & Conclusions

The game worked.  Our generic sort of Memoir '44 Overlord/CCNapoleonics Epic multi-player rules worked relatively well. 

The cognitive load is substantial.  I was playing the part of four players.   This was a slow game and took about two and a half hours, which is a long time for a command and colours game.  I actually found that this made the game less entertaining for me - but as the objective was to simply test if the setup was feasible - it wasn't a huge issue.  It's very unlikely that we will play this game this way again.  

It's all go here. Arthur Kinch in characteristic pose. 

You've probably noticed that the blog postings aren't coming as thick and fast as they used to and for that my apologies.  Now that I'm back at work and the Kinchlets are a bit more mobile, the days are just packed.  Between trying to keep up my fiction writing commitments and everything else,  poor old J&F isn't getting the attention, but I am trying to keep it ticking over.  

But while I'm at it I have a question, I am rather smitten with the Kinchlets and as children go, I think they're smashing.  I am, however, well aware that perhaps not everyone is an enamoured of children as I am and to those who are not immediately concerned with them they are deathly dull.  

So, do you find occasional domestic (usually child related) incidents entertaining or should I stick to the war gaming pure and simple? 


  1. Now that your children are of a combative age, I think that you should describe the wars between them. Combine interests.

  2. You have a charming family and it is delightful to read about them, stay the course sir!

  3. Your Simpson cartoon made me laugh too. I am sure you will be dealt some wonderfully funny stuff as your kids grow. Why not share some of your stories?

  4. I would say post more updates about the Kinchlets. I love them.


  5. I always enjoy the 'Kinchlete' related snippets CK, please keep them coming. The Great War game looks great, I have not really seen it before, do the figures come with the game or is it block based?

    1. The figures come with the game. They are 15mm and hard plastic - a bit fiddly to my mind.

  6. Well if they give you joy and make you forget other troubles then it would seem that they fit right in.

    Its a bit like being an honorary remote Uncle so carry on with the Kinchlet tales.

  7. The pictures of your son applying some rather sophisticated problem solving were priceless. he would have worked very well as a Roman engineer designing the great ramp up the side of Masada! Post what is important to you - pictures of puppies, kittens and little children always work for me!

  8. Your blog, your rules... I'm happy with whatever you decide but have to say I am happy with the posts just as they are.. it's a life affirming mix of everything.. and that's what it's all supposed to be about right?

  9. Hi Conrad! By all means include the kids! Wargaming is a social hobby, and if we want to see it continue, the next generation(s) should be introduced to it early and often!

  10. Please do, by all means, leaven the mixture with some domestic anecdotes, they are good fun. In the past you've given us accounts of holidays, of moving into your house, and of course the arrival of kinchlets, and always in an entertaining way. So it seems only natural to continue the story, and I'm sure we are happy to indulge a proud parent. We get to see the young ones at their best, and don't have to clean up after them! ( I think that makes us 'day trippers'?

  11. My boys are teenagers or nearly so. I would love to laugh at your angst and smile at seen it, been there, done that....

  12. It seems to me that the point of your blog is to promote joy, and stave off forgetfullness, so please more Kinchlets.