Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas is coming...

The old painting chair, a haven of tranquility in a world gone mad.

...and it's time for lots and lots of overtime. Working in a Cathedral, one would think that Easter would be my busiest time of the year, but you'd be wrong. While the overtime is very welcome, particularly at this time of year and I'm very grateful to have a job at all in the current economic climate, it can be a bit dis-spiriting not to see Mrs. Kinch of an evening.

That said, I had the day off yesterday and had a fine time of it. A great deal of the day was spent in the old painting chair by the fire, listening to a series of lectures on Greco-Roman civilization.

Since watching 300 with Ms. Royale, I've decided that perhaps Ancient history is not so boring after all. I mean phalanxes and all that kind of stuff are pretty dull, but war rhinos and strange mutants with blades for arms are an entirely different story.

The Guards of the Bishopric of Gormanstein, a fine body of men who will give many years service.

Most of my painting of late has been geared towards a large Little Wars game that will be running at Leprecon XXX in Febuary next year. The urgency of this has been given a bit of a kick in the pants as my co-conspirator and I have realised that to fill the space that we have available we'll need somewhere in the region of 700 1/32 scale figures. The cost of this was enough to give us pause, the painting thereof doubly so.

That said, faint heart never won fair lady and we have decided to press on.

Of course, the large game required two new imagi-nations, thus the Bishopric of Gormanstein and the Grand Duchy of Little Siskington were born.

General Senan of the Newbridge Royal Artillery having a dashed unlucky day while trying to shell some Sisktonian cavalry.

One of the problems of Little Wars is that a large space is need to play in. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to play some games at Dominicon, NUI Maynooth's games convention a few weeks ago and I'll be putting some pictures of those games up in the near future.

And in the corner, one of my house-mates, Ms. Toosie Royale, milliner to the stars preparing a headdress for an upcoming Burlesque show. Mrs. Kinch (not pictured) being upstairs rehearsing her songs for the same show.
(As Ms. Royale is an unmarried lady,
a chaperone was of course present and is simply out of shot in this picture.)


  1. Don't forget the Zeppelin Herr Kinchstein!
    If you and Mick would like a strategy/planning session (or a drink or two) to go through some ideas etc. let me know...

  2. A particularly fine (and by the sound of it, apt) church warden resting in the smoking tray...very nice!

    I like the look of the troops as well... very nice!

    PS. Rehearsal shots may require you to post an adult content warning... :o))

  3. So promising!
    Looking forward to discovering more regiments from Gormanstein and Little Siskington, and then the battle report.

  4. Sure Donogh. We're both mad busy this week (four 14 hour days back to back makes Conrad a somewhat zombified boy), but next week is cool. Pints at yonder hostellry?

  5. Hello Eamon,

    Great looking soldiers you are working on there, and your painting station looks mighty comfy too! Which cathedral do you work in?

    Best Regards,


  6. Thank you very much for the kind words. I work in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.