Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three men of Gascony

1870 French Infantry in 1/32 scale. Damn their fiddly little eyes.*

Mrs. Kinch is ghastly, ghastly ill at present, so my evening was spent feeding, watering and mopping her brow. On the otherhand she did spend quite a deal of that time asleep. I wasn't really in the mood for writing, though I've plenty of it to do. I persevered with the making of gifts, one for Mrs. Kinch's grandfather and the other for her great uncle.

The fruits of my labours were a few coats of paint on Gordon of Khartoum with much time spent checking colours from the Hope Joy painting and the assembly the three gallic gentlemen pictured above. Though I enjoy painting, I am a wargamer rather than a modeller, and these three gentlemen, handsome though they are, cured me of any tendency to look longingly at the galaxy of figures available as 1/32 kits. They were fiddly, required a great deal of gluing and shaving and fitting of parts. Never was "measure three times, cut once" more true then when assembling such a kit, though I suppose in the modellers commonplace book it should be rendered as "Fit three times, swear, shave with stanley blade, fit again, hold with blu-tac, regard critically, shake head, fit again, regard again, shake head, shave with stanley blade, sigh, fit again, glue."

Saturday I think I'll purchase a shop front of something similar for them to stand infront of.

*Frequent visitors will be aware of the eight Light Dragoons I painted recently. They consisted of two parts, one man, one horse. The gentlemen pictured above came to a cool 72 parts and I left some of the more fiddly bits out. I tell you, I nearly lost my reason.


  1. Get well soon to Mrs. Kinch!

    72 parts, my god, man! I tried the GW plastic minis when they first came out and I was still doing fantasy minis and decided the parts were great for making conversions, but assembling whole regiments of the multi-part little critters was not for me! lol

  2. Ouch! Seventy two parts is about three score and ten too many.

    But I still think that the Gordon model will be a great gift.

    My best wishes for a quick and total recovery for your dear bride.

    -- Jeff