Monday, December 8, 2008

Picture Post: Little Wars at Dominicon

General Tyger moves up to bring his guns into action.

General Von Fatzington taking the first of many wildly inaccurate shots at that gun crew. Eventually he grew so exasperated by heckling from the groundlings that he eventually turned his gun on me.

General Senan leads a dashing cavalry charge to silence the enemy guns.

Close, but no cigar. Maybe next time Von Fatzington.

Judging the bounce on a projectile is key to carrying out proper grazing fire. Contrary to what this picture might lead you to believe, General Von Fatzington is a master of the art.

So near and yet so far for General Tyger.

Oh yes my lad. Your uppance will come...

Despite the unpromising looking trajectory, General Tyger's shot managed to bounce and graze through the line leaving havoc in its wake.

But not today it seems...

Ever hopeful General Fatzington draws a bead on some other likely lads.


  1. It looks like everyone was having a lot of fun and really enjoying themselves! Did anyone try to soak their nerf projectiles in water? It lessens the range, but due to the heavier weight, they have a greater impact. If this is questioned by the opposition, just tell them some of your cannons are in reality - carronades!



  2. Eamon,

    Great looking game there! And something I'd like to have a go with myself at some point. Thansk for all of the photos.

    Best Regards,


  3. I truly wish I could be a part of that game...always wished for the "littlewars experience" but perhaps with my little one we will get there someday!