Sunday, October 3, 2010


Kinch after a hard day at the office

The good news -

My dissertation is finished and ready to go. It has to be bound on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. It's just a relief to get it off my back and return to some real work.

Contracts have arrived for Chateau Kinch, which suggests that all is well with the title and other legal mummery.

The bad news -

Still no word on whether we shall be able to get a sufficient mortgage to secure Chateau Kinch. Irish banking being what it is, I'm not holding my breath.

Between work, dissertation and the perils of house purchase, I have done nothing in the wargaming line - my apologies. I'm just completely exhausted at present, which brings me to another thought.

While I'm sure professional military wargamers have considered the problem, commercial wargames never deal with the issue of sleep deprivation, despite the very real impact it has on capacity and morale.

I can only think of one commercially produced set that has ever dealt with it.

And a shiny sixpence to the smart boy who can name me another!

Fortunately, dear reader, you do not have to rely on me for entertainment.

Over at Donogh's you'll find pictures of his shiny new communists.

Someone is going to have to chase Bob Cordery away from Command&Colours with a broom as he never seems to play a game with the same rules twice.

Clive over at Vintage Wargaming has some great articles on terrain building and simple wargames released by Usbourne in the 1970s.


  1. Conrad Kinch,

    You are a wicked man! Just 'cause I have played a few games using a SLIGHTLY modified version of 'Battle Cry' that I MIGHT JUST have tinkered with A COUPLE OF TIMES, you have made me sound like some sort of monster. Shame on you!

    Rant over; I am glad to hear that your dissertation is finished and ready for binding, but sorry to hear about the problems with your mortgage. From what I hear on the news, the Irish economy seems to be mortgaged itself in order to prop up the Anglo-Irish Bank. It is just a great pity that you seem to be caught in the ‘collateral damage’ that has resulted. I hope that you have good news soon.

    All the best,


  2. Best of luck with the mortage and a loud "Huzzah!" upon the finishing of the dissertation!

  3. hmm, I've gotten rid of a lot of rules in the last few years but a quick check of likely candidates amongst remaining ones has turned up various sets that address fatigue due to forced marches to the battlefield but the closest to considering sleep would be Dave Millward's Musketeer which has a campaign modifier which has a plus for "well-rested" troops but no penalty for exceptionally tired ones.

  4. Bob, on examining some hearsay, libel and idle rumour, which may I remind you, are all *types* of evidence - I have concluded that I am exactly right and in playing modified Battlecry, you have proved yourself worse than Hitler.

    By the way, one way we found of introducing chance cards without their taking over the game was to introduce a "Special" card into the main deck. Players drawing a special take a special card from a separate specials deck for his side. We used to use them to include weird coincidences or other freak occurences from real battles without a specific special rule.

  5. Ross - the set I was thinking of was Paddy Griffith's Generalship game, which had a mechanic for your general collapsing from sleep deprivation.

    Alan & Co - thanks for all the good wishes regarding the mortgage.

    Fingers crossed.