Thursday, October 21, 2010



The layout of one box containing two
French infantry battalions, the 22ieme Ligne and the Swiss Legion.

Storing figures has always been a problem, particularly en masse. It's probably one of the most important question any gamer is going to have to ask himself as it dictates where and when and how he can play with his figures. My choice of steel paper lined box files was made for several reasons, they are relatively cheap, magnetic sheeting keeps the chaps in line, they are relatively portable and infinitely expandable.

This allows me to play games at home without having to trawl through the whole collection looking for such and such a battalion and only bring those troops that I actually need for a game elsewhere.

My 6mm figures are all stored in video boxes filled with foam and steel paper. These are admirable as they protect the figures and are extremely portable. The only issue is finding the damn boxes, as they are not really the thing anymore.

Detractors, by which I mean Mrs. Kinch, have pointed out that there is a deal of unused space in the box, which could be used to hold more figures. Unfortunately, packing the figures closely means that it's rather hard to get them out again and also difficult to tell who is with what unit. Leaving extra space makes the whole process of transfering troops from box to battle

Other news

Weather - freezing. Definately bringing gloves to work tonight.

House - no movement.

Mrs. Kinch - crankiness abating due to upcoming London trip.

Gaming - this is where I'll be spending the weekend. You'll also find Donogh there, shooting Afghans for fun and profit.

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  1. It does look good (terribly organised too!)
    Any developing thoughts on that book-spine idea?

    There may be a news team in the firing line as well...