Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Look upon the organisation skills of Kinch ye Mighty and despair!
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In an uncharacteristic burst of organisational activity brought on by the arrival of some steel paper from Trevor at Magnetic Displays, I settled down to finish (-ahem- continue) organising my troops.

Each deed box has been lined with steel paper and the troops have magnetic sheeting stuck to their bases. I'll take a shot of an infantry box when I have the chance to shoot one in daylight rather than the muddy specimen up above. Each box holds two Charge! style infantry battalions or two regiments of cavalry, with transport, camp followers and wounded.

Some regiments are waiting to be housed, but the back of the job is broken. There are a few that remain to be kitted out with wounded and transport, but there are plenty of battalions to be going on with. New arrivals will necessitate new boxes and more steel paper, I shall have to order some more in order to accomodate the British heavies and French chasseurs.

It also struck me that I could use some of my spare Peninsular British figures are late war Portuguese or Spanish troops, as it is highly unlikely that I will require 300 odd Americans. I'm leaning more towards Portuguese at present as the bicorne clad Spanish infantry were certainly striking and it would be a shame not to field some.

Food for thought.

Current affairs.

House - a comedy of foot dragging, evasion and delay on the part of the broker emeliorated only by constant nagging on the part of the customer.

Mrs. Kinch - breezy, continuing irritable with reference to the above, crankiness emeliorated by looming trip to see Passion in the West End.

I have often comforted myself that should Mrs. Kinch after decide to run away it'll most likely be with an elderly homosexual Jew.


  1. "I could have danced all night. . I could have spread my wings. . . "

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  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the lyrical stylings of Stokes Schwartz.