Friday, December 24, 2010

Confined to barracks

"I told you I was ill"
gasped Renee and then expired.

It turned out that my coughing and spluttering of the other night was a bit more serious than I had anticipated. Vomiting and coughing combined insured that I wasn't able to keep much water on board and resulted in a Cafard like state, the details of which I am distinctly hazy on. Fortunately Mrs. Kinch realised that the fact that I was spouting gibberish was a new symptom and not merely business as usual. She took me to hospital where I was placed in isolation, knocked out, rehydrated and tested for avian and swine flu*. It was soon established that I did not have any manner of posh flu, but merely a ringing case of the garden variety.

Since then I've been at home, confined to bed and being force fed fluids. On the plus side this means I won't be working Christmas Day, unfortunately I'm not up to much otherwise and I won't be making it to service or my parents on Christmas Day either.

In some good news, Command & Colours: Napoleonics arrived today, though Mrs. Kinch said that she knew I was ill when I didn't tear it open immediately.

That said I have had a look at it - the Corunna scenario appears to be the only one I can play immediately with the figures I have at my disposal.

Also, the French cavalry is subdivided rather more than I anticipated in that we have.

- Light Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Heavy Cavalry Cuirassiers
- Guard Heavy Cavalry

I have plenty of light cavalry and a regiment of cuirassiers. I am in two minds as to what to use for Guard Heavy Cavalry, I have boxes of beautiful Zvesda Polish Lancers, but they can't with the best will in the world be described as heavy cavalry.

I'm considering using Italeri Dragoons as Heavy Cavalry. They didn't wear armour, but they did used straight swords, which is good enough for me. I honestly can't remember that they were called officially. In a spirit of democracy that goes against every fibre of my authoritarian soul, I'll throw the question open to the floor.

Also welcome aboard to our latest two followers! Welcome to the mess. The rules are very simple, treat your messmates as you would wish to be treated and no discussion of the French infront of children.

Good Lord, I believe I'm done in already. Right, back to bed for another eleven hours sleep.

*I am still partly convinced that the latter was a joke that they only embarked upon after they found my badge.


  1. May Christmas Day see your health very much improved so that you may enjoy the day.

    I hope that your recovery is swift and complete so that you will be in fine fettle for the new year.

    My best wishes for thee, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Ditto.... sounds like a more virulent version of what I had... my sympathies indeed....

    French Heavy Cavalry that isn't Cuirassier?? Crikey... stretching my memory back to when I used to play the period would that be Carabiniere's?? Dragoons are mediums I think?

  3. By the way - wanted to vote in the poll but it wouldn't let me...

  4. British and German Dragoons usually fall into the Heavy category, French Dragoons often seem to be classed in the middle but Grant classified them as Heavy in his Napoleonic rules so that's good enough for me! (besides the only other category is early Carabiniers in Bearskins but they are in armour by 1812 leaving no option but Dragoons.

    The Guard cavalry is a poser, there were the Horse Grenadiers and a regiment of Dragoons (who look like any other dragoon) The Polish lancers are amongst the most famous and as since there is no Guard Light category, I'll still plump for them, and after all at Genappe, it took the British Life Guards to hold the Lancers back

    Hope you have a miraculous recovery and enjoy Christmas and C&C to the full.

    (ps I can't vote in the poll either)

  5. Merry Christmas Eamon, and I hope you feel better soon!

    Best Regards,


  6. Hope you are feeling better by now- was Santa good to you?
    best wishes

  7. A little late, but I hope you are indeed well for the new year sir. Chin up!


  8. On reviewing the poll, it looks like you have to be a follower to vote in the poll. If you're accessing the blog via Googlereader rather than blogger, you may not be signed in.