Monday, January 3, 2011

A Christmas Miracle

A work in progress.

Ressurection is traditional at Easter rather than Christmas, but I'm back on my feet again. It has emerged that I did actually have swine flu, but that it seems to have subsided except for a rather impressive cough at present.

Unfortunately this has meant that life has consisted almost entirely of work and as much bed rest as I have been able to cram into 24 hours. Our Christmas was effectively written off which is unfortunate, but hopefully I'll be able to take some time off soon and we'll be able to spend some of it together when we're both awake and upright.

Naturally enough this has meant that there has been very little wargaming and Mrs. Kinch's great uncle's gift, pictured above, has been delayed. I have never painted such a big figure before, so I'm learning as I go along. The shading typical of 28mm figures isn't necessary and I've been working with flat colour so far. Getting consistent coverage has been difficult, but a little ink to tie layers of colour together seems to have worked.

I stickered all my Command & Colours blocks over Christmas, a long job, but I wasn't fit for anything else. However, the process did answer my questions about French dragoons as the plain "heavy" (i.e. non-cuirassier) cavalry pictured are dragoons. I'm still puzzled by the pictures of Portugese light and heavy cavalry, but that is a matter for another day.

To all a very happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year and glad to hear you are moving forward!
    best wishes

  2. Hope your recovery continues - in the meantime, don't go drinking with any swine.

    Portuguese heavy dragoons - I wondered about them, too - no such thing, I think.