Sunday, January 23, 2011

A diversion

Three SHQ castings from their BEF range
(contents of BF 3)

I have a terrible habit of flitting butterfly-like from project to project. That said I do give projects my all when I am interested in them and my pal Donogh has said previously that he'd never met a man who had more of his collection based, painted and ready to go.

Above you'll see three castings from SHQ range of early war British infantry. I purchased these on a whim while getting my Portuguese infantry as I have sufficient German toys to do most early war Memoir '44 scenarios, but no British. These British could also be used for 1938 British Civil War scenarios, so on mature reflection, I'd be mad not too right? I've always had what Mr. Kinch would call "a strong weakness" for the early part of the Second World War as my childish education in that portion of history came from Commando comics, which often focused on that "Britain stands alone"* period 1939-1941.

The castings are up to the usual SHQ standard, there's an officer, a senior nco and a rifleman. There's some problems with the officer, whose Webley is missing a barrel. I can trim it a bit and remove the revolver so that at least he'll just look like he's pointing somewhere.

*Alone, utterly alone, except for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, bits of Africa, India, part of Ireland and probably hundreds of places I've forgotten.

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