Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heavy Dragoons & Colours

British Heavy Cavalry by Newline Designs

While I was away at the Puzzle Palace, a packet arrived from Newline Designs and was waiting for me when I came home. It was a small order that I'd placed with Sean before Christmas to fill a few holes. I was short an Ensign and two field officers for my 5th Dragoon Guards and a few other bits and pieces.

I took my shiny new drill to the Ensign Friday night and had the chap ready to lead a review within fifteen minutes. This did set me to thinking that Mark's painted colours are nice, but printed colours might be nicer. I've never really messed around with printed flags, but I know several wargamers of far greater skill than I who swear by them.

Then of course, for every one of those you have a deranged Scotsman like Phil Olley, who handpaints his colours on linen. One can only hope that he will bite some of us less talented sorts and the condition is catching.

Negotiations regarding our new home are ongoing as there was some damage done to it over Christmas due to the neglect of the owner. It's not a major issue, but it does mean that some work will have to be done immediately before we can move in and there is some dispute over how much the job actually costs. This is a minor blip in the ongoing saga, but one that demands more phonecalls and organisation.

And lastly, before I forget Newline have just released the first few packs in their range of Sikh Wars figures. The greens look very fetching indeed and as it is likely to be the last purchase I make for a while, I decided to take two battalions of Sikh foot. I am delighted to see that this conflict is finally going to be covered in my favourite scale, my mind is already dancing with the possibilities of refighting Sir Harry Smiths Aliwal, the "...battle without mistake."

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