Thursday, January 20, 2011

Undercoated Austrians

Undercoated Austrians by HAT, Officers and Musicians by SHQ

I have returned to the Puzzle Palace, so there's precious little wargaming going on. There is however plenty of drill, followed by drill, some drill and when we feel like a change, some more drill. Two points that struck me this morning in the midst of square bashing.

1. When marching in close order, the average Johnny's view is severely circumscribed. It is very difficult to see what is actually going on, even in the front rank because of the need to maintain the dressing and look to your front. In the rear ranks you're following the chaps in front and have an excellent view of the back of his head and not much else.

2. Even in a relatively small, company sized formation in good conditions (i.e. not with cannon going off and donkey wallopers galloping by) it can be difficult to hear vocal commands. Music is far better at both providing a cadence and communicating an order to the group.
I'll be passing out next week which will be a big day out for the family and will mark the end of two years of work. I still can't really believe it.

I took some pictures of my Austrians before I left. I undercoated them white in the vague hope that it might do for a basecoat. I've never really painted white uniforms before, so I'll take look around and see what is the right way to go about it. I will probably subcontract the job, but in a way that actually makes it more important to get some instructions as the painter can hardly be expected to read my mind. I'm still unsure about what regiment to pick, though my natural instinct is to go with one with red facings. Hoch und Deutchmeister perhaps?


  1. looks like you´ve got a bit of work ahead of you there.

  2. Dear Joy,
    Your comments on drill remind me of Henry Fleming (Red Badge of courage ), discribing being in a moving box as he maneuvers with his company. Congratulations on your achievement.

  3. Can we be treated to a photo of the resplendent Conrad in uniform here when the great day comes?

    Congratulations and well done !

  4. Hi Conrad, A few things:

    First, early congratulations of being nearly finished with your training.

    Second, a light grey or tan undercoat (to provide some shadow for the final white topcoat)is very helpful with white uniforms. Henry Hyde has a tutorial of sorts post somewhere in the BG website.

    Third, Interesting post with regards to marching in formation. Have never really considered the points you make before. Fourth, have really enjoyed your two pieces in the CWJ the last few months.

    Hope to see more from you there. Best Regards, Stokes

  5. That last comment edited to protect the guilty.