Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Vivandiere Figure - Unknown Maker

This little figure belongs in Mrs Kinch's great uncles collection, he says he picked it up in France at some point during the last twenty years or so. To my eye, she looks like a Revolutionary-era Vivandiere. In brief Vivandiere or Cantiniere were women who were allowed sell food and drink to the troops. I'm in favour of camp followers generally and vivandieres in general, they add tone. The Brigadier obviously agreed with me as they are listed on the strength of the example regiment in Charge!

My mother in law also collects prints of Vivandieres, though most of these refer to a comic opera called "La fille du regiment". For an entirely differant (and probably rather more accurate) picture, there is a vivandiere in R.F. Delderfeld's "Seven Men of Gascony" that's a pretty tough customer.

My "official" French vivandieres are camp followers in great coats from Uwe Emke's Wurtemberg range. My other camp followers are in civilian clothing as there isn't a manufacturer that makes vivandieres in full fig, at least that I am aware of.

I haven't yet thought of an in-game use for them, but on the table I usually leave them tending the baggage animals and supply wagons. I am of course, more than open to suggestions.


  1. Finescale Factory set no NF20 is a vivandiere plus 2 customers - you can still get it from miniatuurwereld.com, I think - pricey though. It's visible on their site.

    There was an S-range vivandiere which you sometimes see on eBay. I thought Art Miniaturen did one, but I had a look and can't see it, so I guess that was dementia again.



  2. Conrad, the vivandiere was made in France during the 1960's/70's it was part of a set of 6 Revolutionay figures. some more of them are shown here on my website:
    Regards, Brian

  3. Minifigs used to do one for Napoleonics.

    However, probably the most vivandiere rich range is Ted Suren's Franco Prussian French. This has no less than 7 vivandieres
    though he never found room to do the artillery.

    These can be seen at the Tradition website

    I can also point out the Sicilian Bandetti girl for consideration.


  4. Good Lord - a tidal wave of vivandieres!

    Foy - Is this the lady you were thinking of?


    The FSF Factory offering is probably the best of the bunch, though €4,50 is probably a touch steep given that I have no real use for the two other figures.

    Brian - Thanks very much for identifying the figure, well done Sir!

    John - I reckon the Minifigs camp followers are the job, though I haven't had much luck finding those figures on the tradition website. Are they in 25mm or larger?

  5. Conrad,

    I am sorry that was a little incomplete.

    At the site select Willie 30mm from the LH menu. Then Franco Prussian War. This will give a fine selection of rather more attractive ladies than Minifig can manage.

    A browse through The Harlequin range will reveal many more charming figures such as a female pirate crew and Pan with goats legs

    and the 18C civilians have many more female figures.

    Although 30mm they mix well with the modern large 28mm ranges and if the casting is sometimes a little crude they more than compensate with their wit and style.