Monday, February 28, 2011

The world is too much with us.

Paper models courtesy of Fiddlers Green

The last few days have left little time for blogging as between work and attempting to get our Mortgage cheque clearance, I have been exploring interesting new avenues of sleep deprivation.
Mrs Kinch has been off doing the state some service during our elections.

I must say I'm ambivalent about the result. That old anarchist slogan "It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in" is one that has always been close to my heart. Though one aspect of the election did fill me with a deep sense of unease.

In the mean time back to wargaming, I managed to get a game in on Thursday night - sadly just with blocks, but it was fun nonetheless and entirely contrary to expectations and experience, I won. I had intended to do a report, but Donogh beat me to it, so you can find his view of the battle here.

Leprecon is hoving into view and I find myself in the embarrassing position of having packed material that I'll need for the convention, which is extremely irritating. I shall have to dig out Donogh's zeppelin, figures and other things in order to fulfill my commitments. Very irksome.

This week I shall have to...

- Finish writing a live action roleplaying game based on "Yes Minister".
- Get together my bits and pieces for a run of Jim Wallman's Tank Duel.
- Assemble my forces for Command & Colours: Napoleonics in 1/72.
- Finish Donogh's zeppelin, once I've found it.

All while, hopefully buying a house, we shall see how I do.

Addendum: The buildings above are available from Fiddlers Green. I printed them on heavy paper and started using them some seven or eight years ago. Since then they have done service in Ireland, Spain, England and Russia, with few casualties. Cheap, easy to transport and pre-painted, I commend them to the attention of the cash strapped wargamer.


  1. On the 'unease' front, what puzzles me is that I always thought that SF viewed the Dail as being as illegitimate as Stormont or Westminster. Odd.

  2. With the slump in property prices in Eire, surely you can buy a small village rather than just one house?

  3. I would have thought so Phil, but sadly tied to the fall in house prices is the increased difficulty in getting a mortgage - regardless of how permanent and pensionable one might be.