Thursday, July 14, 2011

Communique from Bath

Sadly, my looting has mainly been confined to bookshops...

We're all having a fantastic time in Bath - the ladies have had a few hard days shopping and lazing about being washed at a price that doesn't make me feel so bad about my toy soldier obsession.

Meanwhile I accompanied by my trusty batman, Savage, have been out exploring bookshops and tramping around the Lansdown battlefield. That was a real treat and the first time I've ever managed to see a battlefield in something like its original state. The whole expedition was made much simpler by a copy of "The Battle of Lansdown" by John Wroughton, which I cannot recommend highly enough. I picked up a copy in Toppings and read it overnight. It is an excellent guide, both to the battle and the ground.

The ladies have disappeared off to another spa and I'm busy booking tickets for Longleat. More upon our return.


  1. Have a grand time, sir. Enjoy your holiday.

    -- Jeff

  2. Excellent - I'm glad you enjoyed Landsdown - every time I stand at the bottom of the hill and look up towards the ridge, I can only imagine the bravery of those Cornish foot regiments lead by their beloved Sir Bevil Grenville.. only a visit puts across how steep that hill is, and they did it under fire, and carrying a pike... astonishing....

  3. Thanks - rambled through another bookshop and took communion at Bath Abbey which had a wonderfully welcoming congregation.

    Trusty batman Savage was laid low, met with him for lunch while the ladies are still off being beautified. He seems much refreshed and as I sit her, writing this on my phone due to the wonders of wi-fi - we're considering an expedition to Frome.

  4. Steve,

    It is astonishing - very much brought to life by the chance to walk the ground.

    A tempting period I must say.

  5. Fascinating period the ECW, but a tricky blighter when it comes to rules and games, I always found.

    When I escort parties of close female relatives to Bath they seem to run at a cost of £100s per head per hour, while I stand in the model shop agonising guiltily over buying a couple of boxes of plastics for a tenner. However their happiness is all that really matters :-)

    Pleased to hear you're having a good holiday.