Friday, July 8, 2011

Falcata Spanish Infantry & Products for Wargamers Steel Bases

I recently came into some Falcata Spanish Infantry courtesy of my pal John C. They come in a very snazzy box with a cartoon cover. I should post a picture of it as it has a certain je ne sais qoui. In the mean time, you shall have to settle for some pictures.

And as Foy is so fond of saying, they really are nice figures.

There are 32 figures in the box, each with his own individual plastic blister and they include -

- an officer
- a sergeant
- a drummer
- a casualty
- a chap falling wounded
- an ensign
- a mounted Colonel
- a variety of squaddies in firing, loading, marching and advancing poses.

I've been able to put together a single Command & Colours: Napoleonics unit with these fellows, using the marching and the advancing poses in two ranks of eight. The officer, drummer and sergeant fill up the third rank and the casualty figure to mark the unit when it flees the field.

Frustratingly, the sergeant and one of the advancing chaps have decided to take French leave and are somewhere loose abroad the moors. I would blame the cat, but she's generally pretty good about not knocking figures about. Damn and blast.

Another recent arrival were some bases from Products for Wargamers, as recommended by Steve the Wargamer. Perhaps he is the Wargamer of the title, who can say?

These were bespoke steel bases made five by two inches. I had been very happy with the bases from Precision Wargame supplies. However, when Products for Wargamers were able to produce a similar product for little over half the price, I had to have a look for myself.

The bases are thinner than their compatriots and are galvanised rather than black enamelled, so they are not as handsome as the others. If you look at the picture above, you can see one in it's natural state. The base on the left is the same type of base given a quick spray of black enamel and a coat of varnish. I'm very happy with these and because they were cheaper, I was able to afford sufficient bases to base my entire collection.

That is assuming the collection doesn't get any bigger.


  1. Lovely looking figures there, Mr. K! Am I correct in thinking that Falcata are another defunct manufacturer a la NapoleoN? A pity as they look like they'd fit in well with HaT's latest offerings.

    1. falcata returns to the market. many new features. cnapoleonicos and Carlist

  2. Hi CK,

    The very last sentence of this post - I could almost visualise your tongue planted most firmly in your cheek.....;-)

    Very nice figures though and the bases look just the job.

    Any word on the Spanish expansion for C and C Napoleonics?

    All the best,


  3. The Falcata figures are no longer available - the company that produced them went out of business some years ago.
    I recently got my paws on a box of Falcata Spanish Grenadiers.

    DC - the Spanish expansion is due in October, though prior experience with GMT would lead me to take that date with a grain of salt.