Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat...

How I wonder what you're at, Up above the world so high, like a tea tray in the sky!

I probably don't write as much hobby related material as I ought to - mainly because I'm no great shakes at the craft end of the hobby.

However, I do have moments of insight on occasion and this one relates to keeping the memsahib happy. While having a wargames room is a real privilege, particularly when you can leave a project out and do a little bit of work on it when you have a spare moment, there are times when it behooves you to spend some time with the old skirt swisher. I've taken to keeping a tray, liberated from my mother in laws, stocked with small jobs in my wargames room. The idea is that you can pick the tray up, march off to whatever your spouse wants to watch television or a DVD or some such and get a spot of work done while you're at it.

Thus allowing you some quality time with your armed forces while enjoying some quality time with your spouse.

As you can see my tray above is as cluttered as the average painting table. This evening job is basing, so the tray carries troops, 5/8 inch plasti-card, super glue, strips of magnetic material and filler for the job at hand. I keep it in the wargames room and bring it out whenever I feel like being social able.


  1. A mobile gamimg tray - good idea!

  2. An excellent device worthy of emulating.

  3. It is exceptionally handy - I don't actually do any gaming on it per se, but a certain amount of modelling happens.

  4. I have to agree. I probably get about 80% of my wargame painting and prep done on a TV table while watching a show with my wife. It doesn't really matter what she wants to watch, since my focus is on the work. Which is why I now know the plot to every episode of Glee.

  5. That's a good idea. Is there also a plan for if she asks you a question? That always did me in.

  6. It's easier just to go in there, sneer at herself's choice of TV, and then get thrown out.

    The tray is a good idea, I will concede, and less of a high-risk strategy. Vulnerable to bouncy pets and small children possibly.