Monday, September 19, 2011


Ordenanza advancing through the garden
(click to embiggen)

We had a wargames evening the day before yesterday and managed to get five games in over the day. These were mostly Second World War engagements and we finished one Overlord game (albeit with only four players) of the Market Garden scenario.

I would have pictures up, but the cable for my camera seems to have gone walk about.

We did however get a Napoleonics game in, though one that ended poorly for the redcoats. It was the first Busaco scenario in the book and featured a unit of Portuguese militia. I had forgotten about these chaps and subbed in the Irlanda at the last minute, but thinking about it afterwards they were a very poor choice.

The above are HAT Spanish geurrillas which I'm using as Portuguese Ordenanza. The Ordenanza were a home guard of sorts and were called out in times of national peril. Made up of every able bodied male, they had no uniform and were were armed with a mixture of firearms, pikes, scythes, slash hooks and like manner of improvised weapons. If I recall correctly they were mainly useful for eating up provisions and murdering their officers for suspected treason, which they did with a regularity that makes for depressing reading.

In fact you can read about it here and here.

My Ordenanza are all armed with firearms as I haven't found the time to convert any chaps with pikes and I will probably be using them as guerrillas once the Spanish expansion arrives.


  1. Very nice - did you manage to round them up again or are they still loose in the garden?

  2. I did eventually - they were in the throes of charging the cat before a kangaroo court.