Saturday, September 3, 2011


To the left

To the right

Shoot it up, shoot it up, it's alright*

Falklands sniper painted at last. I tried to think of something clever to do with the cape, but ended up painting it in DPM after all. I'm beginning to think that this chap isn't actually a fully qualified marksman, but a gifted amateur who due to unforeseen circumstances at the beginning of the Russian/Volgan invasion got his hands on a snipers rifle and had to quickly jury rig the rest of his kit.

The face paint was copied from an illustration in "Basic Battle Skills" and everything else was just sort of made up as I went along.

Note that like all soulless killers, Mr. Sniper is a ginger.

*With apologies to Claphams finest, the Stereo MCs.

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