Friday, August 26, 2011

"God is not on the side of the big battalions,"

", but of the best shots."

It turned out that I needed a British Army Sniper for the Top Malo House scenario in the Force on Forcerulebook. Not having one to hand - I cast about for a suitable replacement. As it happened the British Army were still using a variant Lee-Enfield in the early eighties, so with the addition of a bit of greenstuff, aCeasar Second World War British Commando sniper became a Falklands/Cold War era sniper.

I generally shy away from this sort of thing, but it would have taken so long to order an additional figure, it seemed ludicrous to wait. Unlike Ross, I can't simply make off with the lead from the Church roof and ramble home to cast up some extra hussars.

Outfitting him in a ghillie suit seemed a bit silly, so I added a non-regulation camouflage cape and scrim on the rifle.

Snipers are a law unto themselves at the best of times and while the cape has a rather Soviet look about it, it will do for the time being. I regret now that I didn't score the scrim on the rifle a bit more or take a picture of the back of the hood, which I was quite happy with.


  1. Conrad,
    Your sniper looks fine. Nice conversion.
    Along those lines, never forget the old adage "good enough for wargaming."


  2. The cape or poncho looks fine. Should break up the silhouette. The real question will be "can he shoot"?

  3. That's as good a job on the folding and flowing of the garment as I've ever seen the pros do, if not better.

    I'd encourage you to try your hand on more things as you think of any.

    What would be silly about a ghillie suit? Nothing, it is an excellent idea. The sniper himself would think kneeling is silly unless there is better support for a serious shot and would probably be prone supported, if he could.

    But as for me even knowing that full well I still like the figures who are not prone, in any period.

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