Friday, August 12, 2011

It's been a while...

The British Grenadiers take on the Swiss, poor Swiss - it was their first battle too...

It's been a while since I last posted, probably because I haven't had much to say. The last few weeks have been disappointing, personally and politically. Work has been by turns exhilarating and frustrating, but always exhausting. Poor old Mrs Kinch has broken her wrist and is in a bad way. But at the same time, Providence has been at work in myriad other ways and when I sat down to write this entry in something of a brown study, I began to count our blessings.

The list is a long one and I won't bore you with, suffice to say that Mrs Kinch and I have a lot to be grateful for.

But back to the wargaming -

Donogh and I played the C&C Napoleonics Scenario, The Combat at Redinha last week. This was a first outing for the British Grenadiers and Grenadier Guards and they were a credit to their corps. A full battle report to follow, but no doubt Donogh will beat me to the punch!

Nuanced stuff from the Galaxy's greatest comic

I've taken an interest in Force on Force of late and I am nearly finished painting a platoon of British infantry for a Cold War/Falklands scenario. I've also picked up some Elheim Soviets, who look suitably dastardly. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and I shall have to add some extra chaps in order to play the first scenario in the book. I intend to use my small forces to play through most of the scenarios in the book, though this will mean that the Soviets will undergo sudden and dramatic changes in troops quality as they will be rated as "regulars" in one game and "irregulars" in the next. I imagine the Soviets in the latter case being something akin the "Volgs" from 2000AD.

I've also decided that I need a plan for the rest of the year as idly picking at projects while fun isn't getting me anywhere.


  1. How soon will her wrist recover? Unfortunately it may ache for a long time when it is going to rain and that sort of thing, even after it is mostly better.

  2. You and Mrs Kinch are in my thoughts and prayers - I wish her a speedy recovery.

  3. Wishing Mrs K a speedy recovery.

  4. Btw have you seen the CCN dice from valley games?