Thursday, August 25, 2011

Standard Bearers

Spanish Standard Bearer by SHQ Miniatures
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I learned yesterday the faintly depressing news that Command & Colours: The Spanish Army has been delayed yet again. I console myself that Hat's rather splendid looking Spanish infantry are unlikely to be out by then anyway and that Gorman is no doubt already attempting to inflict some form of collective punishment on the local Chinese community.

Little and often appears to be a good rule of thumb when trying to get modelling work done, so I've have been chipping away at my Cold War project, basing trees and finishing standard bearers for some Napoleonic units.

Brunswicker Standard Bearer by SHQ Miniatures
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These are both SHQ figures. There were some minor moulding issues with the Brunswickers sword, so I added some greenstuff to complete the blade. The Spanish chap came with a flagstaff, but I've learned from bitter experience that white metal flag staffs rarely survive very long so I've taken to replacing them with brass wire. I made a hash of drilling the Brunswickers hand and had to add some green stuff fingers to complete the job. The Spanish fellow presented no problem once I had cut the original flagstaff away.

Slow, but steady.

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