Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Regiment Irlanda

A private of the Irlanda regiment from an 18th century print
(A.K.Brown Collection)

The Irlanda in all its glory

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Mrs Kinch said that I was basically a mechanism for turning books and toy soldiers into happiness. I'm a mediocre painter and became I do most of my gaming in 1/72 I don't demand a lot of detail from my figures. However every so often I come across some figures that are so fine that they demand the attention of a skilled craftsman. As I've mentioned previously, I have some Falcata Spanish Infantry which I received from my pal John Cunningham. They're stunning sculpts and I knew that they were well beyond my meagre capacities.

Enter Mr E - a long time devotee of Games Workshop and Iron Kingdoms miniatures, who recently got sense and is now building a force of mercenaries in 1/72 to shoot things in the Middle East. He paints beautifully and very generously offered to paint the Falcata figures for me. I decided that they should be the Irlanda, which fits my accidental theme of collecting Irish regiments in foreign service.

The Irlanda were raised from Jacobites who travelled from Ireland to Spain after the Williamite Wars in the late 17th century. Though by the Napoleonic Wars, there were few Irishmen left in their ranks and most of the recruits were native Spaniards. You can read a little bit about themhere.

They also served under Zayas at the Battle of Albuera in 1811 and were disbanded in 1815. To the best of my knowledge they were wearing shakos and overalls at Albuera, but you would have to be a very dull fellow indeed to hold that against them.

Look at those plumes!

In fact, I will stop wasting your time with prattling and let the pictures do the talking.
Two privates, note the moustache on the chap on the right
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Two more privates, they are just fantastic, aren't they?

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A grizzled veteran ready to lead a bayonet charge!
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A second shot showing off his rather fantastic facial hair

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Bejaysus, they shot Gerry!

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Sergeant O'Mara keeps a firm grip

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Captain Marquez-Garcia carries on with his sword waving duties
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With the drummer boy bringing up the rear

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  1. Conrad Kinch,

    Very nice figures! I am very envious!

    All the best,


  2. Hi, they look awesome! I've just seen your "play it forward" post and was wondering if you still have the 2 bren carriers and the pak? I would use them to scratch build some steamtanks.


    wargamenewsandterrain (at) hotmail (dot) be

  3. Beautiful indeed!
    Bicornes rather than tricornes, but is it a step toward the 18th C.?