Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain Rupert

The last few days have been incredibly hectic and there's been damn little movement on the wargames front. However, I did pick up my paint brushes again and try my hand at painting Captain Rupert. His biography can be found here.

Note the early model wood furniture SLR.

And the famous bear and checked scarf can be see above. Not the most elegant sculpting job in the world, but passable for five minutes spent rolling blobs of greenstuff. The check scarf was done with a felt tip.

And a shiny six pence to the bright boy who can tell me who Captain Rupert* is based on or at least heavily inspired by.

*Disregarding the name which is a composite of two men who stay in the realm of the horse and musket like the sensible chaps they are.


  1. My guess would be the Canadian soldier with his pet bear Named after the city of Winnipeg) . . . who became a fixture at the London Zoo and became the inspiration for "Winnie the Pooh".

    -- Jeff

  2. So its not Sebastian from Brideshead then?

  3. I don't know but my memory of days gone by is that Rupert the white bear used to wear a yellow and black checked scarf and match pants.

    I've never forgotten his wish for "a nice boat" which was answered by "an ice boat". Its warped my sense of humour ever since.

  4. Trad - good shooting Tex, a mixture of Sebastien and Waugh.

    Jeff - my wife is a fan of Pooh. I must look into that chap.

    Ross - I decided that adding the scarf to the bear would be beyond my limited capabilities, so the officer wears the scarf instead.

  5. Looks quite good to me. A very "characterful" character/figure.

  6. Grabbing a small bear, tying it onto his back, exposing it to danger and then on top of it all, taking away its scarf and using it himself, says a lot about the character of this officer doesn't it?