Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Battle of Vimeiro (21st August 1808) Part two

Things are hotting up around Ventosa with the Connaught Ranger attempting unsuccessfully to evict the French interlopers. It remains to be seen whether General Solignae's haste to take the village, leaving two battalions to follow on behind will prove wise.

Fire from the French troops ensconced in the town pushed the British back while the French light troops moved forward to support their embattled brothers. There was some debate on the French side on whether it would have been wiser to bring the guns forward, but in the end the Light infantry carried the day.
But they were not enough, as the combined fire of the Connaught Rangers and the Royal Horse Artillery drove the French troops from the town.

With their right falling back, the French decide to up the pressure in the centre. Playing the "Elan" card - they send two battalions of the Legione Irlandaise forwards, one on the left and one in the centre. Risky, but in their present staits - nothing will be gained by caution.

And with that in mind, the push on the right recommences with the Hussars of Conflans moving forward to support the infantry.

The Legione Irlandaise manage to cause some casualties amongst the Royal Artillery on the ridge line, but nothing more.

And are promptly wiped out by return fire. Things are looking grim for Junot and his staff. It may be time to commit the grenadiers who are in reserve. These are very beautiful Schilling figures bought from John Cunningham and painted by Krisztian Takacs.

The Fourth Foot and the Portuguese cavalry move forward to meet the advancing grenadiers, but neither side can gain a decisive advantage.

Meanwhile, the battle still rages around Ventosa. The Connaught Rangers managed to retake the village, but were badly cut up doing so. Could the French eject them with one last push?

With the score 5-3 to the British, General Creanor orders a cavalry charges in the centre, risking a costly reverse to break the French quickly. He throws two regiments of cavalry down into the valley between the two armies and between them they claim the French battery watched over Junot himself. 

General Du Gourmand typically jolly in defeat, while Polish emigre General Siskey shakes his hand. General Savage is phlegmatic, while General Creanor somehow manages to get out of shot.

This was a good game, though I feel the French handcapped themselves by being too aggressive at the outset and not properly preparing their attack.

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