Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schilling French Grenadiers

Schilling French Grenadiers

Sharp eyed readers will no doubt have observed the freshly painted grenadiers lurking at the rear of the French line at the Battle of Vimeiro. The fellows pictured above are Schilling French Grenadiers bought from John Cunningham of 20mm Nostalgic Revival. John lectured me during his last visit that no true Napoleonic wargamer can be considered as such until he has fielded Old Guard Grenadiers. However, being of a Peninsular turn of mind, I didn't have much call for them at the time. However with Waterloo looming it seems I'll have to field some after all. 

And in close up

These were painted by Krisztian Takacs and they're brilliant figures well painted. Krisztian is also a photographer of some skill. He took the pictures above for Uwe of History in 1/72, who is also selling the Schilling grenadiers. As you can see they are crisp, beautifully proportioned castings about equivelent in height to SHQ I think, but I'll try and get a comparison photo posted soon.

From left to right, Officer, Pioneer and two grenadiers

I've also discovered that there is so little differance between Guard and Line Grenadiers that I'm happy to use the same figures for both. As Windrow & Embleton write in Military Dress of the Peninsular War,

"British diarists recalling the fighting in Fuentes de Onoro mention being attacked by "Imperial Guards", but there were no units of la Garde present.  The troops who made such an impression were three battalions of detached grenadier companies drawn from all eight of Drouet D'Erlons two divisions. It was a natural mistake for any man to make in the heat of battle, with the massed ranks of tall bearskins coming at him through the powder smoke."

The paths of glory lead but to the grave...

Lastly, there is the ever important casualty figure to mark where the unit has fallen.  Inigo, Uwe's sculptor has done a wonderful job - there is pathos there that gives weight and feeling to Thomas Gray's words.

All in all, two wonderful units that will hopefully break as soon as they see the sight of cold steel.

But somehow I doubt it. 

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  1. Very nice pictures and figures!
    Great work.

  2. Superb figures, and very nicely finished. Hard to believe they are 20mm chaps.

  3. He does great work - they're wonderful in the flesh.