Friday, September 14, 2012

Kinchs on tour

So far Mr Kinch Snr and Mr Kinch Jnr felt their holiday was going rather well

Dad and I will be taking a trip to Britain next week. We haven't seen each other much this year and thought a road trip would be good fun. We're heading over via ferry, meeting up with Old John on the morning of the 20th for a chinwag and then heading on. Dad is keen to visit Liverpool, see the Liverpool Tate and the museums there. Oxford has been mentioned as a possibility - but I think that would be the furthest afield we'd be looking to travel as we don't want to spend too much time driving.

Any suggestions?




  2. Maritime Museum at Albert Dock - very near the Tate. Walker Art Gallery - William Brown Street (opposite St George's Hall). Both cathedrals well worth a visit, and a pint in the Philharmonic Hotel, Hope Street. Chinese Meal at Yuet Ben, Nelson Street (not Monday)....

    Enjoy! - I was there this week. MSF

  3. Kinch old man, surely Kings Liverpool Regt museum lies lurking somewhere amidst the cultural harbour that is Liverpool these days? It appears to be hiding in the Museum of Liverpool Life (which does sound like something of a eyeopener unless my expectations fuelled by exposure to Brookside are a touch lurid?).

    Perhaps en route to Oxford you & Mr Kinch snr might are to stop of and take a gander at the Cheshire Military Museum

    My correspondents inform me 'tis well worth the effort and the time.


    T Mante