Monday, September 17, 2012

Stuff for sale or trade

Updated: Stuff that has moved already removed. 


I have while going through my wargames room come across some things that I picked up for projects that never materialised or that is surplus to requirements for one reason or other. All of the above is available for sale or for trade. To be honest, I am far more interested in trade than sale. If you do see something you like, make me an offer - though rather than messing about with paypal and so forth, I might ask you to order something from my wants list for delivery to me.

Buyer pays shipping, though I'm willing to ship anywhere.

RISK 2210 Board Game (complete - box opened, but never played)
One Airfix 1/72 Stug Assault Gun
Two boxes Zvesda 17th century Cossacks (sealed)

1/72 Italeri Teutonic knights, two sprues.

Italeri Medieval challenge set, mostly intact, you can view the sprues above.

One box HAT Saxon Infantry, complete

What I'm looking for

I want to build forces for the British and Americans during the Second World War in 1/72. I have infantry, but I would be interested in armour, particularly fast-build kits by Armourfast, Italeri or Plastic Soldier. Early war British infantry would also be of use.

I have a small Cold War force for the British, Americans and Soviets in 1/72. I would be interested in expanding  those.

Zvesda Napoleonic Russians would also be very welcome.

That said my interests are eclectic, so there is no harm in dropping me a line in the comments if you see something you like.


  1. The British heavy cavalry, ancient Germans and all the GNW stuff are spoken for.


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