Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A plethora of Russians

Ivan and...

It's been a heavy few days in work and there's been little time for distraction - but I have managed to get some very necessary work done of the Soviets I'll need for Leprecon. These troops were based for Warhammer Panzer Battles, which should I think give you some idea of how long ago I painted them. They're perfectly serviceable however and I'll be using them for my Memoir '44 game at Leprecon this weekend. 

...his little friend

I finally got around to basing the Plastic Soldier Company guns. While I'm not particularly happy with them and I'd like to add some weathering, shell casings, etc to the bases - they will do for the time being. They are lovely little models really and I just wish I could do a better job with them. Needs must where the Devil drives. 

Soviet Heavy Metal with fancy rear firing MGs

Leprecon sort of crept up on me this year - but I actually think I'll have everything ready. There was a mild panic when I realised that about half of the thirteen T34's that I had were actually T34-85 and therefore rather out of period for the Kursk game I was hoping to run. The Soviets will therefore be fielding a rather motley assortment of Lend Lease material which I had already made, but not painted. 

The KV-1's above will be representing Elite Soviet Armour at the game, though marketed as "fast builds" - they're a little more complicated than Plastic Soldier Company and a lot more complicated than Armourfast. I got so frustrated with the construction of the wheels that I chopped most of the tabs off and jammed everything in with extra rations of glue. 

That said, once together - they look OK and they are currently sitting under their first coat of spray in the shed. 

At last some properly dressed Russians 

Customs have seized my copy of Command & Colours Napoleonics: Russian Expansion for tax. Not only do I have to pay E9.38 in tax, but also a E6 handling fee.

Adding insult to injury,  they would only accept a personal cheque (which I don't have) or a postal order as payment. I would have been less surprised if I'd been instructed to hand deliver payment in groats in a horse and cart.  The postal order cost me an additional E2.10. Bother!


  1. "Bother" is putting it nicely! At least you will enjoy it. It is a really good supplement; lots of scenarios.

  2. What would be the correct Collective Noun for your Russians?
    A Excess of.. in the case of the Napoleonic ones?
    I am sure the game with be worth the extra groats!

  3. Nice to see how the PSC stuff turns out; I'm going to have to look into it.

    1. They are absolutely sweet as a nut - I can't say enough good things about them.

  4. I'm pretty sure that Russians only come in plethoras...Even so nicely done!

  5. Nice bunch of russian soldiers! I especially like the ZIS divisionnal AT gun!


    1. Aren't they pretty - the PSC stuff is second to none.

  6. Dear Conrad,

    The Russian marching in the top photo with a stolen blue blanket roll is a nice touch. I think you are selling yourself short with the 76mm divisional gun too. They are obviously freshly raised but will gain experience , weathering and clutter as they fight more battles. :O)

    Kind regards, Chris

  7. As Don has already mentioned, the only acceptable quantity for Russian troops is the plethora. Or the sh*tload.
    I'm surprised you found the Pegasus KV troublesome - apart from some care in lining up the wheels I found it a very quick build. Maybe I've just built a lot (a plethora?) of them....