Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leprecon - Part One

Wallace & Gromit close in on the Telly Tubbies

Leprecon was a great success with over two hundred at the con, some great games and generally a very good atmosphere. I'll be putting up some pictures over the next few days - but I think special mention has to go to the Wild Geese Wargaming Club's Telly Tubbies Game. This was run a number of years ago, but the thinking behind it is this. 

The suits at RTE have cancelled all children's television programming barring the Telly Tubbies because their success makes all other programming superfluous. The now out of a job characters decide to take matters into their own hands and descend on the Tubbies in order to kidnap them and hold them to ransom, trading the captive Tubbies for renewed contracts. 

The South Park boys advance 

I'm not entirely sure what children's show these are from, Noddy I think? 

Of course, the other characters had exactly the same idea - so what follows was a tense game of "Catch the Tubby" with quite a bit of internecine strife. 

Hammer Smurf goes in for the kill

The band close in, working out very quickly that the randomly moving Tubbies are much easier to stomp into submission if they can be cornered. 

Eeeh Gromit! Smurfs!

The South Park Boys advance while Thomas & Co chase a running tubby towards the table edge. 

The fabulous Duck brothers - their purpose was obscure

The horror - the horror 

This was an extremely silly game and great fun. I believe the South Park Boys & the Band shared the honours at the end of the day, while the Smurfs and Wallace & Gromit had succumbed to mutual annihilation. 

Curiously enough this is the rare example of a game that I enjoyed, that doesn't have me considering a new period. Well done to the Wild Geese. 


  1. Long time, no comment, sorry, Kinch old chap.

    This is a corker of a game. Simulated violence using kiddie-friendly characters; just brilliant! After being tortured by the Tellytubbies when Les Petite Rosbifs were younger, I highly endorse the project of kidnapping them, but say "Why stop there? Why not eliminate them with extreme prejudice?"

  2. When I saw 'Leprecon' I thought this might be a game based upon Eoin Colfer's 'Artemis Fowl' stories. The first book in the series has been accurately described as 'Die Hard... with fairies'.

    LEPRecon, as I recall, was an undercover fairy organisation whose primary function was to ensure that the human public at large were unaware of the Fairie Underworld, and any rumours of its existence were treated with the derision accorded any conspiracy theory not promulgated or approved by the governments.

    The 12 year old eponymous criminal genius figures it all out, and takes a fairy hostage...

    The stories are better than they sound. Kiddy Lit, yeah, but I find a lot of kiddy lit make better, and better written, stories than adult lit.


    1. The author attended Trinity College, I have often wondered if he was aware of the con's name at the time or if it was subconscious.

  3. Now I understand that tweet you sent. I had wondered.

    1. In the grim future of children's television - there is only war.

  4. Great fun and filled with much siliness too- well done!

  5. But did Kenny survive, or come to his usual sticky end?

  6. I have no idea exactly what a Telly Tubby is but I don;t think that knowledge is required to see that this rather authentic looking skirmish game looks like a lively use of the imagination and good fun.

    1. God forgive me.