Friday, March 29, 2013

Krazy Kinch's Klearout

Come buy my camel! 

I did a clearout this morning and picked out some things that are surplus to requirements. Payment by PayPal   as gift only and buyer pays postage, drop me a line in the comments (comments with your email address will not be published) and we'll take it from there. 

Airfix Westland Scout £5 (sale pending)

Airfix Westland Gazelle £5

Revell Typhoon £5

Airfix Bofors £3 (sale pending)

Italeri Quad Tractor £6 (sale pending)

A much "pre-loved" Sherman £1 (sale pending)

Frontline Wargaming Tiger £3
(£1 for the dinky armoured car) (sale pending)

Hanomags & Hanomag with gun (sale pending)
Panther (sale pending)

HAT Russian Great War Infantry

Thirty one bases in total £10

Ten Carama diecast jeeps £1 each(sale pending)

A metal 54mm knight  £3 (this is heavy and I imagine postage will be hefty)

About twenty Ceasar resistance fighters £2

Italeri (ex-ESCI) British Light Dragoons & Italeri Hussars £3

ESCI British Light Dragoons £3

HAT Spanish Geurillas £5
Italeri French Foreign Legion £3

I'd be interested in any of the sets below for trade. 


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  2. Are those WWII French Maquis or the more modern "Urban" resistance fighters? Either way, I'd be interested though, so the question is somewhat moot I guess.